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Unboxing | Market Mafia Colab with Sunny Day Mercantile

Earlier this month, I noticed that a lovely friend and fellow local Tampa Bay creative had been asked by Market Mafia to collaborate on a special giveaway to celebrate Market Mafia’s milestone of 1K IG followers! I entered and tagged a few sweet friends, and didn’t think much more of it (I’m one of those “never win anything” people), until I woke up a few mornings later to messages saying I was the winner and would I please send my address so they could get the box sent my way. WHAT! HOW EXCITING!!! 

Y’all might remember that Courtney, of Sunny Day Mercantile, and I worked together on >>this shoot<< for Dillard’s fashion designer Sigrid Olsen several months ago, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a big-time crush on her beautiful business…so when I read those messages and realized that I would finally be able to see one of her specially curated creations up close and personal, I 1) was elated and 2) decided that documenting and sharing the unboxing would be a lot more fun than just keeping it all to myself! 

Thank you, Market Mafia + Sunny Day Mercantile, for such a sweet summertime gift! It was so much fun to receive in the mail, and even more fun to open and look through! Courtney, your attention to detail is incredible and so very obvious in each part of your box, from your branding to the item selection and all the way down to the beautiful linen ribbon keeping it all tucked together. Market Mafia, I love y’all’s heart to connect locals and visitors to Bay Area markets, encouraging and promoting shopping and living local, and supporting area small businesses.


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