| Tucking 2016 Away
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Tucking 2016 Away

In the midst of tidying up the house, and before I wrap presents and get ready for a special Christmas date night with Luke (hot chocolates and driving around to see all the pretty lights, anyone?), I want to pause. While I’m so excited about a new year being around the corner, full of fresh possibilities and bright hope, I want to take time to tuck 2016 away in my memory and my heart.

There are so many special moments that I know I’ll treasure, innumerable instances where God showed up right in the middle of our every-day life and shook things up in the best of ways, even when that sometimes meant tears and tough days and wrestling. For me, 2016 has been filled with a lot of learning…about how I sometimes get so caught up in trying to keep things “perfect” that I miss out on the glorious real-life unfolding all around me…about how I have a growing passion to help small businesses reach their ideal clients by capturing images that really show off the heart of who they are and what they believe in…about how marriage is full of surprises and how Jesus is continually using it to both humble and amaze me…about how incredible and life-giving clients and customers can be with their words and influence…about how I have a tendency to work work work with the mindset that I can rest when it’s all done, even though it never really will be and the rest needs to come in the midst of it all…about how I married the most patient, loving, and servant-hearted man I’ve ever met, and about how we are still learning to live life well together and what it means for us to seek after Jesus together in our marriage…about how it’s easier said than done to set aside time each week to read together as a couple, but we’re learning…about how easily I get stressed out over things that I can’t really change…about how sometimes my OCD-ness about a clean house boarders on the side of crazy and unnecessary instead of helpful lol…about how I “apparently” steal the covers and sleep tucked inside a little blanket burrito 😉 …about how embossing round bulbs is a lot trickier than I first thought…about how fun it is to create packaging and surprises that bring a smile to clients’ faces.

These lessons, and so many others, have filled 2016 to the brim, and I’m so grateful for the Grace that has met each one! I’m also incredibly grateful for each one of my customers…so many of them have since become dear friends, and I couldn’t be more honored to have been a tiny part of their stories and to have had the opportunity to document this season of their adventures! To each of you who have been in front of my camera in the last 365 days…..THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Your support of my business, your kind words, your sweet friendships…all of it…means the world to me, and I am SO grateful for you!!!

And on that note…..This Good Life Photography & Salty Pine Paper Co. are officially on Christmas vacation!!!! Luke and I are going to be celebrating our third married Christmas tomorrow (Saturday), because on actual Christmas day, we’ll be up super early to head to the airport so we can fly back to Vermont and see our families for two whole weeks!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, sweet friends! Thank you for reading and for doing life with me this year!

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