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The Richters | Destination Family Session, St. Petersburg Florida Photographer

I’m driving down the street and make a right turn into the parking lot by the park, the one with a little fishing dock straight ahead and a colorful jumble of slides and swings to one side. I see their silver SUV parked up ahead, pull in next to it, text Luke that I’m here, and then make my way over for hugs and hellos. I share a special bond with these three, and have been counting down to this moment for 364 days.

You see, this time last year, we were all meeting for the first time on the most incredible of days, the one where they would officially and forevermore become the parents of one wide eyed, smily little baby. It was my deepest honor to be in the court room with them that day, standing behind my camera and holding back tears as I witnessed a tangible expression of God’s faithfulness and deep love unfold right before my eyes. It was a day full of the highest and sweetest emotions, and in the end, we were all friends together instead of just Photographer and Client. 

And now, I’m standing outside their SUV, hugging Stephen hello and watching him pull a giant little boy from the car seat in the back where once a tiny baby had been. I can’t believe how big he is now! Look at his cute little shoes! Oh my goodness, he’s WALKING!  In a matter of seconds, I walk to the other side of the car and wrap my arms around Britta, who’s also squealing with the same excitement I feel. HELLO, FRIEND! 

We spend the next hour or so walking around Coffee Pot Blvd, catching up, snuggling Sam, bringing out my surprise canon of confetti (you never know when you might need one), and soaking up a sunset by the water together. Camera in hand, my favorite images are snapped while the three of them are just being them, laughing, chasing, kissing, and wrangling ❤️


If you’d like to see the full blog post from our first session together, way back in 2016, you can click right here…but either way, I’ll start today with one of my favorite’s from that session, so you can see just how much Sam has grown and changed over these past 12 months!  



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