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The Noethers | Museum of Fine Arts Downtown St. Petersburg Florida Family Photographer

Photographing the Noether family was especially meaningful to me because it was more than just the usual “we do this every year” kind of session. While there’s nothing wrong with that at all (I LOVE my annual sessions with clients-turned-friends), this shoot in particular was requested by Marcia, the Noether matriarch, because all of her dearest loves would be in the same place at the same time and she wanted to remember this season….her daughter married and with a precious just-turned-one baby, and her son also married and living a vibrant life in the heart of New York City.

That’s the beauty of photographs that I love so much…they tell a story of emotion, memory, and relationship that can be held fondly or passed along and shared with others, marking seasons and milestones and moments that otherwise might be lost in the shuffle of minutes turning into hours, and hours turning into lifetimes.

I met Marcia and her husband Tom (and the family dog, Biscuit) on the steps of the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown St. Pete last Saturday afternoon, as the sun fell slowly through the sky and pushed it’s rays out in between the buildings of the skyline and the shore. She first introduced me to their son, Alex, and his beautiful bride with an infectious smile, Cassie, and shortly after, to their lovely daughter, Julia, Julia’s husband Geoffrey, and their handsome little man, Hunter. In fact, as it turns out, Julia and I already sort of knew each other because we realized days before this session that she was the very same Julia who had ordered a Christmas bulb from my Etsy shop last December…what a small world!

I loved getting to spend my Saturday afternoon meandering around the MFA grounds with these seven, capturing their different personalities and the ways they all tease and joke with one another, and I’m so excited to be sharing these favorites from our session together!

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