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Cheers to Monday | November 9th

The Week in Review | November 2-9, 2015 Hi friends! Welcome to the second EVER Cheers to Monday post! If you missed the first one, you can read it here to find out all about why I started this series in the first place (hint hint: because Mondays don’t have to...

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Cheers to Monday | November 2nd

 The Week in Review | October 26-Nov 2, 2015 Today, I’m launching a new weekly blog series, called Cheers to Monday, where I’ll share tidbits from the week before, like a little Ricker Week in Review. Fun, right? :) This will probably not be a very fancy-schmancy category or be filled...

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TGL Photo People Watching and Spring

People Watching and Spring

I started this post on Sunday, and am just wrapping it up now. At Starbucks incidentally. Apparently, this is one of my spots for big thinking. And for being distracted by cute old men wearing cowboy hats and boots, getting coffee with their love-wrinkled wives.  While Luke was standing in the Sunday afternoon Starbucks line a...

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TGL Photo Valentine's 2015

Valentine’s 2015

This time last year, I was living in Lynchburg VA and Luke was here in CT. A package was delivered to my house, with two mason jars tucked inside, one filled with chocolate kisses (the only ones we could manage with four states between us) and the other filled with...

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TGL Photo My New Lens

My New Lens

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, about all sorts of things, really. Photography. Kids. Baking. Boundaries. Travel. Growing your business. A few of these reads have been from some photographers I love to follow (Jasmine Star, Jamie Delaine, Kelsey Tice), talking about what gear is in their bag,...

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