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Cheers to Monday | June 19th

* This is being posted a day late because I had some website issues yesterday and couldn't log-in, but that's all resolved now, so let's just jump right in!  I’m going to skip ahead to one of my most favorite parts of the past week, k? Young Married Couples Dinner (YMCD)! Our church...

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Celebrating Our Three Year Anniversary

This year, we planned our summer vacation to coincide with our third wedding anniversary (June 7th), and it was really wonderful! We both took off Mon-Wed of our actual anniversary week, but started our vacation early by traveling up to Orlando on Friday afternoon the weekend before, for our second Weekend to...

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Cheers to Monday | May 22nd

The Week in Review | May  16 - 22, 2017 Orange juice + PJs + my favorite red blanket + a roll of TP on the coffee table (no Kleenex lol) = my day so far. Luke traveled back to Wisconsin last week for four days, and while he was away, we...

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Cheers to Monday | February 27th

I'm camped out at a local coffee shop right now, catching up on emails, planning out the week ahead, etc, and I'm extra excited about tonight's Cheers because it's been a really fun week! . . . Here are just a couple of the highlights! - Y'all remember Emily and Brandon and Baby...

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Cheers to Monday | November 21st

The Week in Review | November 15 - 21, 2016 It's currently 67 degrees in our little house, because cool weather has finally come to Florida and I feel like it would be a weenie move to turn on the heat just yet. But that means that while I sit here...

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