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Cheers to Monday | June 19th

* This is being posted a day late because I had some website issues yesterday and couldn't log-in, but that's all resolved now, so let's just jump right in!  I’m going to skip ahead to one of my most favorite parts of the past week, k? Young Married Couples Dinner (YMCD)! Our church...

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Celebrating Our Three Year Anniversary

This year, we planned our summer vacation to coincide with our third wedding anniversary (June 7th), and it was really wonderful! We both took off Mon-Wed of our actual anniversary week, but started our vacation early by traveling up to Orlando on Friday afternoon the weekend before, for our second Weekend to...

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Cheers to Monday | July 25th

The Week in Review | July 19 - July 25, 2016 For some reason, I woke up feeling excited that it was the start of a brand new week today, almost like the next seven days are a mysterious gift that I get to unwrap and discover for the very first...

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Cheers to Monday | June 27th

The Week in Review | June 21 - June 27, 2016 This morning was tough. We flew back to Florida Saturday afternoon, and ever since, I've been wading through post-vacation doldrums. I know that might sound a little silly, so let me just say it hasn't really been sadness at the...

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Why Marriage is Hard

I feel like starting this off with a title such as that makes it seem like 1) this is going to be a depressing post (it's not) and 2) I'm somehow going to write about ALL the reasons why marriage isn't always a skip through the park (I'm not). My...

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