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Cheers to Monday | February 1st

The Week in Review | January26-February 1, 2016 WARNING: This week's "Cheers" is not spicy or scintillating or filled with crazy storires, because honestly, the past few days were pretty ordinary and simple. And I liked them like that. There weren't a ton of fancy outings or wild nights (you know...

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Cheers to Monday | December 7th

  The Week in Review | December 1-7, 2015 Hi friends! I'm so honored to have all of you here, to have this little tribe that keeps coming back each week to read and walk through this adventure with me! (Even just typing that reminds me how very grateful for each one...

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TGL Photo On Budgets and Business

On Budgets and Business

I'm writing this from our little home office/guest room upstairs, feeling all the feels as I watch Katelyn James teach about personalized branding and defining your business. Let me explain why. Two posts ago, I briefly mentioned how Luke and I are working hard to pay off Sallie Mae so...

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TGL Photo Resources that I Love

Three Resources That I Love

To make a long-ish story shorter, these past few months have found me feeling drawn back to the photography world (after taking a few years off to pursue my nursing career post-college) in a way I never pictured happening, with a growing passion to really dive into small business ownership and...

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