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March in the Keys | Florida Photographer

Last week, I shared that Luke and I were taking a weekend away together to drive down to the Florida Keys, and today, I'd love to share some of our adventures with you via my favorite photographs from our trip ❤️ I'm working hard to be more intentional about taking my...

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Oxford Exchange | Tampa Florida Photographer

The first time I went to Oxford Exchange, it was because my friend Kelly, who picked the spot for our morning meet-up one Wednesday, suggested it. (PS | If you haven't heard about our fundraiser for Kelly and Adam yet, we would love for you to check it out here!!!)...

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Mystic, CT

Happy Thursday, friends! If your weather is anything like it is down here, than it's likely a little grey and cool, and rain has been pitter-pattering all day, which I'm partial too, anyways :) I was brainstorming today about some ideas for future blog posts, and I realized that I'd...

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TGL Photo Hello August

Hello, August!

Weekends are a precious thing to Luke and I because we usually only get two full ones together each month (silly nurse schedules), and this summer, we're trying to be a little more intentional about filling them up with meaningful, purposeful, fun time together! Two weeks ago, we had one...

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