| Salty Pine Paper Co. Pop-Up at West Elm
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Salty Pine Paper Co. Pop-Up at West Elm

Dear Tribe, 

You guys are literally THE sweetest, and I want to say thank you. A little over a week ago, I shared over on my personal FB page about the very exciting Saturday I was about to have…I had been invited to host a Salty Pine Paper Co. Christmas Pop-Up INSIDE West Elm in Hyde Park Village in Tampa (eeeeek!!!!)…and you guys left the most encouraging and wonderful notes for me…and they made my whole day/weekend. THANK  YOU SO MUCH!!! 

I haven’t had a chance to share a proper update yet, to fill you guys in on how it all went, so I thought a personal blog post might be a fun way to do that! 

First things first, I have to say that I couldn’t have done any of it without Luke. Seriously, that’s not just nice sentiment…the weekend wouldn’t have been possible without him. He had been gone to WI the whole week before for work, and that Friday after he landed, we drove straight from the airport up to Hudson for a Christmas program, finally getting back home after 10pm. Exhausting, right? But he pushed through all that to help me: finish building a display tree, think through/process all the variables of the day, carry all the heavy things, pack up the car (to the gills lol), remind me to bring a snack, unload the car once we got to West Elm (again, with the carrying of all the heavy things), get the pop-up table set up, handle all the payments and electronic hiccups of the day so that I could interact with the customers…not to mention all the cheering me on he did and all the “be brave”s he whispered when I wasn’t sure. Thank you, Babe, for believing in me, for helping me to believe in myself, and for making my business dreams a reality with your love, your spreadsheet skills, and all the wisdom you have ❤️

As far as the actual pop-up itself went, Luke described it that night as a “huge success”, and I’d have to humbly agree. It was my very first pop-up EVER, and we did it!!! We sold more than I thought we would, which was great, but I think my favorite part was all the people-ing, whether that was getting to talk with customers in real life instead of Etsy messages, or saying hi to the shoppers walking past, or looking at the pictures of that one lady’s grand-dog that she was having an ornament made for (it was such a fun story, and dang if that puppy wasn’t ADORABLE!). 

We were all set up in West Elm until around 5:30 that evening, and afterwards, Luke pulled the car around and got me all packed back up. We stopped for a quick selfie and then took a short walk around Hyde Park, with enough time for me to have my first Hyppo pop (champagne mango dipped in chocolate 😋). I remember feeling so much happy relief that it was over, utter thankfulness for the guy holding my hand and helping me through, and a lot of gratitude for you guys too, the whole lot of you who shared your excitement, left sweet notes, and celebrated with me! 

Thank you again to the tribe around Salty Pine Paper Co. for all of your love and support!!! ❤️


Here are a bunch of cell-phone snaps from Pop-Up Day, so you can see the set-up and all the fun we had! 🙂 

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