| Rocking H Ranch Wedding Venue Tour
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Rocking H Ranch Wedding Venue Tour | Lakeland Florida Photographer

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Angela Higgenbotham, owner + organizer + creative extraordinaire at Rocking H Ranch, at a networking/educational event in Tampa hosted by The Aisle Society. We chatted briefly that night and exchanged information, and right away I felt like she was a kindred spirit and someone I wanted to get to know more! We reconnected on social medial shortly after, and Angela graciously invited Luke and I out to Lakeland to tour her incredible property!

When we arrived Saturday morning, I swooned the moment we turned onto the dirt road driveway! We were greeted with tall, arching trees on either side, Spanish moss swaying, with white fence stretching into the distance, horses grazing, and incredible pastoral views in almost every direction. The grounds were bustling with people there to attend her husband’s auction, walking back and forth between the registration trailer, the barn, and the food trucks that were producing the most delicious, smoky-BBQ smells!

When we found Angela, she greeted us with a warm smile and welcome, and graciously gave us a tour of her stunning wedding venue! She explained the different layouts and planning options, showed us how her different packages were configured (she’s a genius about all things business), turned on alllllll the sparkly lights and outdoor chandeliers for us (?), and even took us inside her own home to let us have a peek at the bridal suite and the views from the upper wrap-around porch (I was swooning even harder at this point). After our tour, she took us back to the main barn, where Luke and I got to spend some time watching Mr. Higgenbotham‘s famous auctioning skills in action (poor Angela, I had so many questions ?).

At one point, Angela ended up standing with me in the back, behind the tables lined with auction items, sharing more details about her business, her experiences, and her vision for the future, and I can’t tell you how much that meant to me! I know she’s unbelievably busy, and didn’t really know me from Adam prior to that, yet she took time out of her schedule (on a very busy day at her property, no less), to build relationship and invest in conversation ❤️

When it came time for Luke and I to adventure around the Rocking H Ranch grounds to capture some of it’s loveliest summertime views, Angela brought a golf cart out just for us, thoughtfully saying that it would make getting around and exploring that much easier. She was so free and generous towards us with all that she had, and our interactions that day inspired me afresh to operate this little business of mine with that same serve-people-well mindset! ❤️

Without further adieu, here are my very favorite images from our time at the ranch! And let me just say, these don’t even do justice to how unbelievably beautiful it is in real life! I’m beyond honored to have had the opportunity to document some of the extraordinary sights there, and am so excited to be sharing them with you now!!! 

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