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Pursue Pretty Co. | Bakery Branding Session

I met Shayla at one of my very first Tuesdays Together meet-ups in Tampa earlier this year, when we ended up as discussion buddies sitting side by side at a round table while that month’s topic was presented. As we all went around and shared what kind of creative business we were involved with or owned, I remember specifically Shayla sharing about her dream to own a bakery one day. She pulled out her phone to show us some of her gorgeous creations, and I remember thinking that I liked her already, with her creativity and big dreams and She Reads Truth lock screen 😉 

Fast forward all these months, to now, and that girl with big dreams is ONE WEEK away from the launch of her brand new online bakery, Pursue Pretty Co.!!!! She has been working exceptionally hard to create a space that blesses and serves others well and offers them delicious treats truly made with love, and I couldn’t be more excited for her as she takes this huge step of faith and chases after her goals! Last weekend, Shay Cochrane graciously allowed us to use her home as the backdrop for our branding session, and I’m ecstatic to be sharing these images with y’all in preparation for Shayla’s October 1st launch!

Here are some ways that you can find out more about her! Be especially sure to stop by any of her homes-on-the-web on October 1st so you can celebrate her launch with her!!! ?

Website | InstagramFacebook | Pinterest

If you’re interested in a commercial shoot to capture the heart behind YOUR business, I’d love to talk with you! You can email me directly!


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