| Our Getaway to Brookesville
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Our Getaway to Brookesville

Hi friends 🙂 In this week’s Cheers to Monday, I promised you a fun little recap of our getaway to Brookesville this past weekend, and here it is!

If you’d been reading the last few posts, then you already knew that we had an upcoming trip, the details of which were all a surprise for me from Luke (I LOVE surprises!)! Then, the day of our trip, I shared this post about WHY we were getting away and leaving town for a few days ❤️

We left St. Pete on Friday after Luke got home from work, and at that point, I knew the town we were traveling too, but didn’t know many specifics about the actual place we would be staying. After a stop at Chick-Fil-A for dinner, an hour or so in the car, and a stop at Publix to get breakfast and lunch eats for the weekend, Luke turned onto a side road lined with trees on both sides, with a beautiful, lit-up sign that read, “Southern Hills Plantation”. Even though it was late and dark by then, it was still obvious how pretty the area must be, and we noticed right away how peaceful it was! Luke did an incredible job researching for the trip, and had found us a condo right in the heart of Southern Hills, which it turns out, is a giant and very fancy schmancy golf course/country club, as well as residential area!

When we got to our building, we were basically the only ones there, and when we walked down the side stairs to get to our unit, realized that we were literally right ON the driving range (it was a few yards away just across our sidewalk), which meant we faced a giant wide open, tree-rimmed field with incredible views and very little noise of any kind. Ahhhhhh, so much peace and quiet!!! It was the best kind of surprise!!! ❤️

Both Saturday and Sunday started off with delicious breakfasts that Luke made, with scrambled eggs + bacon + coffee. Yes please! After inhaling that and tidying up the kitchen, we spent our time exploring the grounds and the beautiful properties there, swimming in and laying out by one of the most beautiful pools I’ve ever seen in my life (seriously, I couldn’t even believe it), reading books we’ve been wanting to dive into, and having tasty Mexican (Saturday’s dinner).

Even more special to me, though, was the time we spent together just sharing and catching up, talking about our marriage and life together, the things we were loving, the things that still surprise us often, the things we want to work more on before the next getaway, our goals for the future, etc. There was something so relaxing and freeing about not having any schedule at all or anywhere to be or anything to do, just having time to be together ♥

I did take my “real” camera with me, but because I didn’t want to cart it around to the pool (where we spent most of our two days), I ended up taking most of the trip’s photos right on my phone 😉

We loved our time away so very much, and were so grateful for the refreshment and rest it gave us, both physically and emotionally! And we will definitely be keeping this on our list of go-to spots for the future!

PS | Do you and your spouse have any annual/monthly/quarterly “traditions” that you keep up to help refresh your marriage?? Luke and I would love to hear what your go-to’s are so we can be inspired to try new things, too!



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  • Mom Ricker


    Dad and I like to get away every decade or so. If we need it or not. ?

    May 18, 2016 at 4:00 pm

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