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Newport Vermont Engagement Session | Vermont Wedding Photographer

Isaac & Lydia | September 2015 | Newport, Vermont

If you’ve known these two for more than a second, you know that they are perfectly suited for one another, and you’re probably just as thrilled as the rest of us that they are officially engaged and getting married NEXT YEAR πŸ˜€ I’ve known Isaac and Lydia for years (we all went to the same tiny, Northern Vermont high school many moons ago lol), and have had the fun of seeing them together ever since I snuck my way into the Ricker family and married Isaac’s brother, Luke πŸ˜‰ Earlier this month, these two asked if I would take their engagement photos when Luke and I drove back for a visit, and I could not have been any more excited when Lydia mentioned fields, water views, a quilt, and the possibility of using the family’s ’65 Mustang (*squeals*).

They have been together a little over four years now, through the end of high school for Lyd, all of college for Isaac, Lyd’s move south for nursing school (she’ll make the very best nurse!), and Isaac’s move south too,Β  to be near his love “for a job”.Β  I thought it would be fun if they each told me a couple of their favorite things about the other. And when I talked to each of them about it, I might have made it sound like they were the only ones sharing. SURPRISE!

TGL-Photo-Isaac-and-Lydia-Engaged TGL-Photo-Isaac-and-Lydia-Engaged

Isaac said, “My top three would be: 1. Her servants heart. She always helps people without even thinking twice and it amazes me every time. 2. Her gentle spirit. She is the most gentle person I have ever met, no matter what is she is facing. And the 3rd thing is her positive attitude, no matter what. I can be having a horrible day and I know I can count on her to show me the positive side of things.”

Lydia said, “1. He loves Jesus. He prays for me and he prays for us every day. He makes sure we keep our relationship Christ-centered.Β  2. He is honest. He doesn’t hide anything from me (which also means he is really bad at hiding surprises too πŸ˜‰ ). But his transparency encourages me to open up my heart to him as well. I can hide behind my own walls very easily, but I want to be more emotionally available to him than any other person because of how honest he is with me. 3. He makes me so happy. I can’t be mad at him. I have tried (and he has given me reason to be hahaha), but I just can’t. He makes me smile more than any one else, and he knows how to make me laugh my deepest, fullest laugh. I can’t really describe the joy that he brings me, but my face has aged because of all the smile lines (lol), so it is very visible! “

Β Even though the day was overcast and we felt a few drops fall while we were out in the field, we couldn’t get enough of the bright colors and the lake view in the back! Stunning!!!Β 

Since the sun was starting to set when we wrapped up at the field, and the sky was looking greyer and greyer, we decided to head straight to the waterfront in Downtown Newport, where they have a special bench and shared memories of long talks at the end of the dock. By the time we got there, the wind had picked up and the temps had dropped…brrrrrr…but we stuck it out and ended up getting some of my favorite shots! (and I kind of like all that late-night grain in there!!)

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