| Nap Ready Before Noon
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Nap Ready Before Noon

It’s no secret that social media often offers a skewed perspective, presenting us with other people’s “perfect” lives, homes, marriages, and/or businesses, while we scroll by and hold ourselves to an impossible, unrealistic, and not-really-even-true standard that we sense they’re already achieving. It’s exhausting, no? 
In the spirit of fighting against that, of being vulnerable and transparent….I just wanted to post about real life today, not anything “glamorous” or fancy. To be honest, for today, just being in the office feels like a huge accomplishment. For some reason, I’m completely worn out and already ready for a nap. At 10am haha ? I’m sipping on tea and mentally mulling over the day’s to-do list, and it feels heavier and longer than usual. And my mind keeps pulling me back to all the meetings and appointments in my planner, and I feel overwhelmed and already tired by times that should be bringing joy and fun, not stress.
Not only am I nap ready before noon, but I’m trying to sort out several major issues between a new bulb supplier and the company I ordered through. The “Our First Christmas” ornament has been the most popular over on the Etsy shop by far, but due to these supplier issues, I have a backlog of people waiting for theirs because I don’t have the bulbs that I ordered. And that stresses me out. I’ll be spending today trying to get that all sorted so that I can update my customers and get their orders shipped out in a timely manner. All that to say, I’m definitely struggling with feeling frustrated and angry and overwhelmed at the situation.
But I read these words this morning while I was snuggled on the couch in front of our pretty Christmas tree, and I’m holding tight to them because I know they hold truth that I need to remember:
“I believed the lie that perfect meant I was worthy. It turns out, grace was already there to deliver me from that emptiness…God is pouring extravagant grace on us every day, abundantly and without restraint…I don’t know about you, but I find this rat race of ours t be exhausting. And it’s really easy to feel like a hamster in a wheel chasing an impossible, glossy-magazine standard we’ve set for ourselves. Grace, and only grace, offers us a way to step off that wheel – a deep breath, a place to rest, and the opportunity to slow down and savor what truly matters.”
Thank goodness that God doesn’t hold me to a standard of perfection, and that He doesn’t demand that I hold myself to one either. So I’m going to go keep sipping my tea, and just take the rest of today (and this week, and December) one step at a time,
holding Grace’s hand the whole way ❤️

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