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You should know that sometimes I say or type “y’all”, even though I’m not a born and raised Southern girl and only lived in Virginia for six years. BUT now my husband and I live in Florida, so I’m back in the South and feel like it’s a little more acceptable to toss it in occasionally 😉

Speaking of husbands, I have an incredible one. Luke is an engineer with an affinity for spreadsheets and bananas, and a hate for all things  water-chestnuts. We’ve been married since June 7th of 2014, and I can honestly say that being married to him is the sweetest, most humbling, joy-filled adventure of my life. If you happen to notice that a lot of the wording around here is “we” or “ours” or “us”, it’s because Luke is both the biggest cheerleader of this business and also the most technically minded, which means he is involved with a LOT behind the scenes, and therefore, just automatically gets included when I’m writing or speaking ❤️

So why photography, you might ask? And especially weddings? I think the biggest reason is that Luke and I see marriage as an incredible covenant designed by God to reflect His heart and sacrificial love. Because of that view, we think that marriage is worth celebrating, cherishing, and cheering on in the lives of others! We also believe that marriage is an incredible adventure that can leave behind a legacy, a lasting impact on generations, and that by documenting the day through photographs, I have the privilege of playing a tiny part in that legacy, by preserving the day and it’s memories for decades to come. Being a photographer allows me to have a front-row seat to the start of so many amazing adventures!!!  


We also have a thing for: regular date nights | Netflix in our jammies | having friends over to our home | #SundayStarbucks | homemade pizzas | holding hands while we drive | exploring | time spent with our sweet families | sitting out on our back deck enjoying the breeze | laughing waaaay too much!

Oh, and Luke is really sweet and offers to binge-watch Fixer Upper with me, so that’s another reason I know he’s a keeper 😉


Our Wedding Photos | Jaclyn Schmitz Photography