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Matt + Amanda | Palm Harbor Florida Wedding Photographer

White Chapel & Harbor Hall | Palm Harbor, Florida | Matt + Amanda

I had the joy of second shooting Matt and Amanda’s classic wedding with Greta of Green Pearl Photography, who’d I’d originally met online through our local Tuesdays Together group, and to make the the day even more special, I was finally returning to White Chapel & Harbor Hall in Palm Harbor, the venue where I’d shot my very first Florida wedding!

To say that their day was lovely would be an understatement. Amanda had prepared each detail of their gold and blush wedding so beautifully, designing and creating many of the elements herself, from the reception centerpieces to the florals, and even the programs. Her gown was incredibly beautiful with it’s elegant lace details, and it was accented by a flowing veil and floral crown. I also remember how calm and quiet and steady Matt was, and that Amanda had the most charming and infectious smile I’d ever seen! 

I recently heard a song again, by Mathew West, and when these lyrics played, my mind went back to this special day, to the start of Matt and Amanda’s  greatest adventure yet! 

“Take my hand, and take this ring
And know that I will always love you through anything
And as the years march on, like a beating heart
I will live these words, till’ death do us part”

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