| March in the Keys
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March in the Keys | Florida Photographer

Last week, I shared that Luke and I were taking a weekend away together to drive down to the Florida Keys, and today, I’d love to share some of our adventures with you via my favorite photographs from our tripย โค๏ธ I’m working hard to be more intentional about taking my actual camera places with me, so this is a big step! Plus, at the end, there’s a little collage of a bunch of phone snaps too, so that’s fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our trip, the short version: key lime pie + sunburns + family.

Our trip, the long-ish version: We left St. Pete on Friday afternoon around 2pm, and after a quick stop for gas and road snacks, were on our way! It took us about 5.5 hours to get down to Key Largo, but that didn’t bother us too much because we love taking road trips together ๐Ÿ™‚ We checked into Key Largo Kamp Ground, and were so excited to find out that our tent site was actually pretty private in relation to the whole property, tucked away in a little strip of sites that were flanked by a grove of trees on one side and then several tinier trees in between each area. Perfect! After a quick trip to K-Mart for batteries for the air pump, we got everything settled and headed out to fill our bellies with tasty local food from Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen, an adventure that, of course, ended with our first slice of key lime pie in the Keys ๐Ÿ˜‰

The next morning, we woke up early, took showers (I know campground showers get a bad rap, but these were amazing), stopped at Starbucks for a quick breakfast, and headed right over to see Luke’s grandparents at their camper. They showed us around the resort across the street from them (there are tons of phone snaps from here at the end of this post) and after a quick (and delicious) lunch from Meme, we all piled into our car and headed down the Keys to Marathon, where we explored the sand and coral rocks around Sombrero Beach. Luke and I found a tasty Mexican place for our dinner, and ended up getting to eat outside under twinkling lights on a mostly-to-ourselves patio, which was super relaxing and peaceful! At this point, it was late, we were completely exhausted, and we just wanted to rest, so in keeping with our new-found pie tradition, we stopped off at Publix on the way back to our site, picked up some key lime goodness, and then wearily piled onto our mattress to share tent pie. It was delicious.

|| You can insert about 1.5 hours of LOUD wild camping neighbors hereย ? And also numerous sassy comments that were muttered to myself and Luke during those said hours ? ||

Sunday morning was beautiful, and with the time change, we woke up early enough to try and see the sunrise! As it turns out, it was too overcast to see much, but it was still sweet time spent walking down to the campground docks with my love, sitting out at the wooden tables, and watching little rays of new morning sun poke through the clouds. After everything was all packed up and loaded back into the car, we stopped at Pinecrest Bakery for breakfast on our way to church. Every time we’d driven by it before, the parking lot was always PACKED, so we figured it must be good…and it didn’t disappoint! Luke got a wrap and a “legit” cappuccino (he said it was amazing), and I got a croissant sandwich and squeezed-right-in-front-of-me OJ. So tasty! After church, we got stuck in a crazy downpour, so Luke and I postponed our beach adventure and went with Meme and Bomp to Tower of Pizza, where we had our lives changed by the biggest calzone I’ve ever seen (again, there’s a phone snap of this because…it was, legit, the size of a newborn ?). Just as we slid into our post-pizza stupor, the sun popped out and all the rain cleared, so Luke and I drove down to one of the pull-offs we’d seen the day before, because “someone”, ahem ahem, wanted to be able to put her feet right into the bright aqua water and float around, and “someone’s” husband is terribly sweet and went out of his way to make it happen ? What I thought was going to be a quick-ish stop before heading home gratefully turned into a two hour sunning session where we pulled out our camp chairs and books, put our feet in the water after some floating around, and soaked up an afternoon in all that pretty! And truth be told, it was SO pretty that I ended up just putting my whole chair into the water and sitting half in/half out, legs stretched out in front of me, book in hand, crystal clear water all around. It’s one of my favorite adventure memories with Luke now! You can’t stay in the Keys forever, of course, so eventually we packed up our chairs and our burnt selves, stopped for a postcard and two final slices of key lime pie for the road (don’t judge!), and started our trip home โ™ฅ

And now it’s time for pictures! ? I loved having my professional camera with me, and am going to make a more concerted effort to bring it along as a habit and not an afterthought! When we got stuck in a bit of traffic around sunset on Friday night, I got extra excited because I realized we were right next to a field that was being watered with this fancy contraption, looking SO NEAT against the sky!

These next few were taken Saturday morning on our little pre-breakfast walk to check out the campground, when we finally got our first glimpses of the Keys in the daylight! ๐Ÿ˜€

I remember driving around Key Largo and seeing little glimpses of water, none of which were especially aqua or lovely. I was panicking a little bit on the inside (“What if all the pretty water is seasonal or something, and we’re missing it?!), when we drove over one of the bridges into Islamorada and I looked out the window to my right and saw IT, the most shocking, bright, neon teal water I’d ever seen in my life! IT DOES EXIST! ???? From then on, there were several stops for photography-related purposes ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I’m so thankful for them, because they ended up giving me some of my VERY FAVORITE shots from the whole trip!

These last three are from our Sunday morning sunrise watch โ™ฅ

And that’s all the professional photos from our trip! It was SO sweet and relaxing to get away together for the weekend, and we had to keep reminding ourselves that we only live about 5ish hours away, because it felt sometimes like being in a whole different world! We loved the experience of being able to camp out, too, and how budget-friendly it was for us right now, and are excited to do it again, sometime later this year hopefully!!!

If you want to see a few (not edited) phone snaps of this trip, too, because y’all know I took about a million pictures, you can find them all right down here ?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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