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Luis + Nicole | The Clara Rose Vintage Ice Cream Truck Proposal, St. Petersburg Florida

When I was contacted last month about my availability for capturing a proposal, I was excited right away. If you know me at all, then you probably know that my hubby, Luke, and I, are passionate about marriage and cheering other couples on, so you can imagine that the idea of getting to be there right at the very beginning of someone’s forever always makes me especially giddy!

As the story goes, Nicole – who is notoriously very hard to surprise – and her boss were working together that morning, and were planning on going to an “awards ceremony” later that afternoon at the local library for her boss’ granddaughter (her boss was in on the whole proposal and helping to keep it under wraps). When they pulled into the parking lot at the library, they noticed The Clara Rose Ice Cream Truck parked under the trees, and her boss suggested stopping for a cone on their way to the awards event. Meanwhile, Carlos (Clara Rose owner), Luis (future fiance), and I had already been at the truck for quite a while, scheming about how to make the whole thing seem natural, and also about there we could squeeze Luis into so that he could surprise Nicole at just the right moment. 

In the end, Luis ended up tucking himself into the back space of the truck, behind the closed service window. When Nicole and her boss approached Carlos to see if he was serving ice cream, he told them he was there “for a special event” later that day so he wasn’t really open to the public, BUT, he didn’t mind scooping them a few bites since they were already there. He walked over to the closed serving window, gave it a little tap, and then went around the side as if he was going to get inside the truck. However, that little tap was the signal Luis needed, and he opened up the service window from the inside and appeared to Nicole, who had ZERO idea anything was happening! Luis slowly made is way out of the back of the truck, and Nicole was noticeably surprised about this happily suspicious situation. Luis got down on one knee, asked Nicole to spend her life with him (SHE SAID YES!), and then enveloped her in a tight embrace! It was such a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful surprise and to capture these special moments for them!!!

I can’t say enough good things about Carlos and The Clara Rose Ice Cream Truck, either! Carlos quit his day job when he purchased the old, worn-down Jeep Fleetvan, one of only about 60 in existence, and he now works his ice cream business full time, with the help and support of his wife, Jennifer. After purchasing the truck, Carlos contacted a local shop who did vintage restorations and explained his vision to them before sending the old truck in for a total makeover. They did a literal overhaul on the whole thing, from the front windshield to the back bumper and everything in between. She looks fabulous now, and just so happens to be teal, my favorite color! 😉 In talking with Carlos, I found out that he and The Clara Rose travel all over the state for different events, from parties to weddings to photoshoots, and that his next dream is twofold: adding a small kitchen in The Clara Rose so that he can bake fresh cookies for sandwiching delicious ice creams AND adding a second truck to his little fleet, this time as a mobile bar of sorts! It was so inspiring getting to meet Carlos and hear his story, and I hope we get to work together again in the future!!! 

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