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TGL Favorite Things Reading


From the time I can remember, books have always been a part of my life. In fact, when I was little, I loved them so much that I pretended to be a librarian in my room by filling out sticky notes for each book with the title and author, and then putting them inside the front covers so they could be “checked out”. Now, there are stacks of books all over our house, and I’m in the middle of two or three right now with a long list of ones I can’t wait to get in to next!

TGL Photo Favorite Things Baking


My mom is an amazing cook, and involved me in life around the kitchen from the very beginning, whether it was remembering to wipe down the stove after a meal or figuring out just the right balance of ingredients to produce her famous cheese biscuits. I’ve carried that with me ever since, and love getting to be in the kitchen myself now: trying out new recipes (or making them up as I go), baking with my faithful teal mixer, taste testing every few stirs, and usually getting covered in flour.

TGL Photo Favorite Things Camping

All Things Camping

I remember two or three camping experiments when I was little, but these ended early because it was either colder than expected or because a certain little one *cough cough* couldn’t keep her fingers off the inside of the tent when it was raining. Thank goodness I’ve grown up a little bit since (and they make sturdier tents now), because camping is just the best, especially since all my adult camp memories so far have been made with Luke. What’s better than a snuggly tent near the lake, with a camp fire, s’mores, and PJs?!

TGL Photo Favorite Things Jesus


There is so much that I could write here, because my story is messy and dirty, with a lot of broken pieces and mistakes. BUT, all that mess, all that dirt, all that brokenness, is being handled and healed by a faithful Savior, who held me as I sobbed over my parents’ divorce; who kept me safe during a fun-filled move across the country; who chased after me when I got to college and walked away from everything (my family, my friends, my life); who forgave me, restored me, and brought me to a life that’s beyond all my wildest dreams | Redeeming love has been my theme, and shall be ’till I die |

TGL Photo Favorite Things Family Treasures

Family Treasures

They help to remind me where I came from, and I think, help to preserve a little bit of history for future generations. My family treasures, from both grandmothers, include: a thumb-print cake plate (used at our wedding on the dessert table) | a set of copper measuring cups (that make an appearance almost every day) | a stamp collection from the early 1900s | a teal mason jar (currently storing sugar in the cupboard) | a Polaroid of “Grandma Bessie” (a woman of faith who prayed for each family member regularly and had a tender heart for giving) | and several old pictures from around 1920.

TGL Photo Favorite Things Crepes

Nutella Crepes

These will! I didn’t even know they existed until last year, but I haven’t been the same since. Tasty sweet pancake goodness wrapped around fresh fruit and the best spread on Earth? How could you go wrong?! (But seriously, if you ever come across these, you have to order a plate or twelve. You’ll thank me later).

TGL Photo Favorite Things Christmas


There are not enough words to describe how much I love the Christmas season. It’s just so darn magical! I love the sparkly white lights, the special time with family, the nights filled with hot chocolate (peppermint, please!) and couch snuggles, the snow, the picking out and cutting down of the tree, the sweet hymns and special songs, Charlie Brown…I could go on and on! Even more than all those things, I love the anticipation, the time of Advent and of counting down to the most magical part of it all, the Birth that changed everything. AHHHH…is it December yet?

TGL Photo Favorite Things Candles


There is just something so soothing to me about candles. I’m not sure if it’s the pretty packaging or all the amazing scents out there, but I get really excited when it comes time to grab a new one! If I had all the money in the world, our house would probably have a candle in every single corner 😉

TGL Photo Favorite Things Flowers

Pretty Flowers

I’ll pretty much swoon for most any flower, and especially for wild flowers and/or peonies. They just look so bright and cheery, and add such a welcoming touch wherever they are. The picture above is of my bouquet from our wedding! We did all the flowers ourselves, so I got to make my bouquet look as wild and colorful as I wanted, and I couldn’t have been happier getting to carry that sweet-smelling beauty down the aisle with me!

TGL Photo Favorite Things Water

The Water

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a stream, a river, a lake, or the ocean itself. If there’s water of any kind, I’ll be there (with a blanket and the latest book I’m reading), ready to jump in and soak up the sun. Lucy will probably want to come too, and will gladly volunteer to guard all the snacks 😉

PS: I also get a little weak-in-the-knees for rain and thunderstorms, too!

TGL Photo Favorite Things Music


Around our house, music of some sort is almost always playing. And I love that! I think music has such a unique power to affect a heart like nothing else can, and there is almost no kind that I won’t listen to. In fact, Luke laughs at me all the time for knowing songs or tunes from completely random genres or decades. You’re like a human jukebox!  Ha!

But what’s better than just telling you that I like music? Sharing my favorites with you! If you click on the piano picture above, it’ll take you to a playlist of what I’m listening to most right now, with new ones being added all the time. DON’T JUDGE if you find a random Nsync song in there!!! 😉

TGL Photo Favorite Things Road Trips

Road Trips

My mom and I used to take fun road trips all the time, around Southern California, the Alaskan island we lived on, and even across country from West to East coast. I think that’s why I really fell in love with traveling that way, and now, I get to experience the same anticipation and excitement with Luke! We LOVE exploring and driving around together, usually with fun snacks, lots of loud singing, hand holding, and a pathetic amount of sleeping (by me…I’m not so good at staying awake for long periods in a car).