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Are digital images included in my collection?

Yes! It’s such a fantastic way to make your pictures available to you! Every session includes an online gallery (filled with edited, high resolution images) that you’ll receive the link to via email. From there, you can download the entire gallery, select favorites, share via social media, and even send the link to family and friends for viewing!

How soon can I expect my photos?

It depends on the session 🙂 For any kind of portrait session (families, engagements, etc), you’ll usually have the link to your gallery within two weeks. For a wedding, they’ll be all yours within four weeks!

Where are you located?

We’re in St. Petersburg, FL, and LOVE to travel!!!

Do you have a traveling fee?

I do. For any session that takes place more than 75 miles from my house, there’s a $100 fee. If it’s a wedding that you’re inquiring about (where I’ll need to be on location for several hours vs. a much shorter portrait session), there may be additional fees depending on additional distance, the timeline for the day, etc. That’s something we can figure out together!

If you’re planning a destination wedding/elopement, I would love to work with you to create a discounted, custom collection!

Where should we take photos?

In my experience, that’s usually a personal decision, based on who you are, what you love, what’s important to you, etc. Maybe near your favorite coffee shop? What about that park you always take the kiddos to? How about that street of little shops downtown you two like to visit on date night? If you’re stumped or just aren’t sure, we can definitely talk more about it and come up with some place great together!

How do I reserve a session/date with you?

Before we sign anything or you hand over any kind of payment, I’d love to talk with you first so we can get to know each other a little bit, and chat about what you’re looking for, what’s included in the collections, and what you can expect from me during your session. I think it’s really important that we know we’re a good fit before anything becomes official!

Once we both feel like we’re ready to move forward, you’ll receive a contract to sign and an invoice for the services you’re purchasing, all sent to you electronically! In order to secure your session/wedding date, you’ll need to do two things within seven days: 1 | sign the contract (super easy, I promise!), and 2 | send in a retainer fee (nonrefundable/nontransferable) equaling 30% of your total collection price.

Why do you offer only one portrait and one wedding collection?

We offer one collection of each because we want to be able to provide you with an exceptional experience, and we have found that the details outlined in those collections allow us to do that best, by giving us the freedom to be creative and document your session/wedding day as it naturally unfolds, without compromise or inconsistency! Our desire is to provide you with incredible service from the moment you choose us, to the moment when all your products are delivered and my role as photographer ends and our new position as friends/cheerleaders for your marriage begins!

What can we expect from you on our wedding day?

My hope is that through ALL of our interactions and communications, you feel comfortable, valued, and like a dear friend more than a client.  My work on your wedding day is a tangible expression of that desire! I will be there on time, excited to meet your family and friends, and ecstatic about the joy you’re about to discover at the other end of the aisle. I will do all that I can to alleviate any stress or burden on you by paying close attention to the previously discussed timeline, by being organized, calm and focused, and by making sure things run as smoothly as we can manage so that you get images that are as beautiful and natural as possible!

Can you tell me more about the customized timeline in the wedding collection?

Of course! We believe this is an essential thing to talk about together because it has a direct effect on your images, and we want those to be the very best they can be! We know about how long it takes us to be able to capture certain moments/images in the most natural and unscripted way (for example, we love what comes out of taking our time with bride and groom portraits!), and if that time is not intentionally included or considered in the first place, things can get a bit rushed and pictures are often the first things to get cut. By talking with you about this from the very beginning, we can work together to create a timeline that offers the greatest opportunities for un-rushed, un-hurried, naturally occurring moments and memories, which will produce the very best images!

Do you offer albums and prints?

I do!!!

Albums | (I get excited about these because they’re so darn beautiful, and I love the idea of them being around for generations to come!). Each album is custom-designed by me using pictures you’ll select from your online gallery. After design, the album is sent off to the printing company, who will print and bind your spreads together within a hand-crafted, leather-bound beauty! I have a sample album I’d love to show you! The total price of the album will depend on your session, the number of album spreads, etc. and is something we can talk more about before you sign your contract. 

Prints | I work closely with a professional printing company that creates high-quality print products (photos, canvases, etc) that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with! I’ve personally ordered prints AND a canvas from them, and can’t say enough good things about how lovely their products are! I include an online pricing sheet within each gallery that gives you the option to order your products through them, directly from your session!!!