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Delight | Senior Session | The Florida Botanical Gardens Photographer

Luke and I know the Williams family through our awesome church, Gulf Coast. In fact, we hang out with them almost every Thursday night at our small group, and we sit just a few rows away on Sunday mornings. We’re so grateful for these sweet people…..they’ve invested in us in so many ways, including but definitely not limited to opening up their home and hosting us for a meal, taking time to ask how we’re really doing, sharing humbly about their own adventures of marriage and raising kiddos into well-adjusted, Christ loving adults, and living lives that encourage integrity, hard work, honesty, and hospitality.

When Gayle approached me about taking some senior portraits for their daughter, Delight, I was honored! Delight is smart, she perseveres through difficult and frustrating circumstances, she loves the Lord deeply, and she has SO many talents, including being an incredible soccer player and creating beautiful cards that bless and encourage others. She’s a senior in high school AND also a freshman in college, dual enrolled and working her tush off to chase after her goals….and I love that we got to spend a morning together documenting this season in her life! I also love (LOVE) her infectious smile and the way it makes her eyes wrinkle up with joy! ? ❤️

Her brother, Greg, who’s home from Cedarville for Christmas break, came along too, and seeing them together made me wish that I’d had a brother growing up….they have so much fun together, and are always making each other laugh! Some of my favorites from this session are the candid moments of them together, or of Delight laughing because of something silly Greg is doing just out of view of the camera 😉

Delight’s senior session was my first-ever visit to The Florida Botanical Gardens, and I fell head over heals in love with the place! Below are some of my favorites from our session on Wednesday morning, and towards the end, I also included a few of my favorite detail shots….because the garden grounds are ???!

PS – There may or may not be a couple of fun GIFs at the very end, so you should definitely stick around 😉

If you’re interested in a session to capture the season that YOU are in, I’d love to talk with you! You can email me directly!

B O N U S  G I F S   A H E A D . . . ?



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  • Lovely captures of a lovely girl. Congratulations, Williams family, and Delight! <3

    December 24, 2016 at 12:28 am

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