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Commercial Product Branding Photographer | Ellison Made

You know that feeling you sometimes get when you meet someone for the very first time and there is just something about them that makes them stand out in your mind or makes you curious to know more about them? As a believer, I think that something is often Jesus at work in our lives, sowing seeds and beginning to cultivate sweet things when we don’t even realize it yet. That’s certainly my experience with my dear friend, Brittany, the owner, maker, and creative heart behind the shop Ellison Made. She and I met through our local Tuesdays Together Tampa Bay group almost two years ago, when Luke and I first moved down to FL, and the morning that I was introduced to her for the first time, I was nervously stepping out of my comfort zone to lead a group that I felt completely ill-equipped to be in front of, a group that she was already in community with. I remember clearly that she was sitting to my right, at the end of a long row of tables, nodding kindly as I stuttered through introductions and then, offering insights and encouragement to the group, gifts that I was so very grateful for as a first-time facilitator in a situation like that.

Since that morning, the Lord has indeed cultivated sweet things between us, taking our relationship from acquaintance to trusted friend, from “Hey it’s nice to meet you!” to “I’m coming over in sweats and a messy bun. Don’t clean your house. Also, Jesus loves you and you’re doing great.” I don’t take for granted that not all initial intros lead to such a wonderful path, but I’m so very grateful that ours did! Since that morning early last year, we have gotten coffee and dropped off products, celebrated at the same wedding, shared hurts from our pasts, cheered one another on as small business owners, and celebrated victories and successes. I’ve even had the honor of capturing Brittany’s beautiful family in a session at Philippe Park  that you can see more of here.

She is the real deal. Humble. Hilarious. Welcoming. Incredibly kind. Talented. I could go on and on and on, but I’ll try to limit the rest of this post to telling you about her online store, Ellison Made, filled up with her handmade home and lifestyle goods that, I promise, are alllll your Pinterest Meets Magnolia Market dreams come true! 😉 Right now, she and her hubby Sam create all the products in their home and sell them in her Etsy shop, which truly makes me swoon every time I check it out. BUT. They are also working on a VERY exciting project that will take the online shop and transform it into a gorgeous physical space…a popup boutique in a restored Airstream 😍 that will feature not only their products, but the products of other like-minded makers and creatives with a similar vision and heart! EEEEEEEEK! And as if that news wasn’t exciting enough, Brittany just announced that some of her gorgeous banners were chosen by Altar’d State to be featured and sold in stores all across the country!!! 

I’m so darn proud of her, and completely honored to have gotten the opportunity to photograph a few of her beautiful Ellison Made products to help keep her shop and social media images up to date! Leave a comment below and tell us which one of her pieces here is your favorite! The rustic bud vase? The onesies? The pillow? The wood signs? Can’t wait to hear from you, friends! 🌿💛

Other products used in this shoot to help make the details even lovelier include:

+ the black and white baby blanket from Modern Burlap for Magnolia Market

+ the pink bow teether from Happy Hadley Handmade 

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