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Cheers to Monday | September 19th

The Week in Review | September 13 – 19, 2016

For the past couple of weeks, Luke has been helping me to work on an “ideal week” game plan (from Michael Hyatt, which you can read more about here and here), where we talk together about the top things I want to get accomplished that coming week in the businesses and then work out a time line that creates space for those priorities. I know it sounds really simple, but it’s actually been a really tough exercise for me because, as Luke and I have both been finding out, I have a really hard time giving myself grace and saying no to the many good so that I can say yes to the few best, especially when it comes to thinking that I should be getting all the things done, all the time. Having an “ideal week” to work off of has been so freeing and is slowly helping me to kick that nagging guilt to the curb!!!

Being married to someone who is so gifted at business coaching and teaching about personal growth definitely has it’s perks! 😉

And with that, here are a few of the highlights of the past seven days! 

-If you remember from last week, I shared that on the 13th, our local Rising Tide Society  Tuesdays Together chapter would be having a special event! That was last Tuesday, and we had so much fun! Normally, Kelly and I each have a separate meet-up that we lead, hers in Tampa and mine here in St. Pete. However, for September’s meeting, we decided to combine both groups and meet in the evening at a gorgeous venue called the Rialto, for a One Year celebration of our group’s birthday! We enjoyed incredible catering by Taste of Tampa Bay and had the opportunity to hear from Jeff Kaylor, an Orlando-based performer who created a special experience for us by teaching us about how to create magic moments for others, thus loving them better and helping them to break out of their every day routines! The lovely Michelle Stoker was our photographer for the evening, and when we get her amazing images back, I’ll be sure to share them in a new post! In the meantime, though, here’s a sneak peek group photo she already gave us! ❤️


 -This past Wednesday was Kim and Sam’s three year anniversary, which just seems crazy to me because I remember so clearly how exciting that season, and that specific day, felt! First off, my best friend, roommate, and brownie-making-partner-in-crime was marrying the love of her life in a incredible ceremony marking the Lord’s sweet faithfulness and restoration. Amazing enough, right?! But on top of that, THAT DAY was the first day that I got to see Luke in person! AHHHHHH! Yes, we had gone to high school together many moons before, but since then, hadn’t spent any time together in person. At all. When we started “talking” that spring, it was over Messenger and then phone and finally Skype, but we still hadn’t re-met in person yet…until the morning of the wedding! No pressure! ? ?

Tune back in Thursday for the rest of that story!!!! 😉

-On Saturday, Luke and I drove up to Wesley Chapel for a branding session I’d scheduled with a girl-boss from Tuesdays Together, who’s getting ready to launch her brand new business next month! ? I can’t wait to share a whole post about that with you guys, and have already posted a little sneak peek over on the business page if you’re curious 😉 After the session, Luke and I spent some time at Buttermilk Provisions, a super cute coffee shop that’s local to the area and has one whole wall that’s a giant chalkboard, full of fun sayings and cute illustrations. Super fun!

-We made zoodles last night (for the second time), and they were delicious!!! We found a spiralizer on Amazon for <$10 and figured that wouldn’t be too much of a waste if they turned out to be terrible ?, but we’ve loved them both times we’ve made them! And last night, I made meatballs too, instead of just adding meat to the sauce, which turned out to be a fun switch!

PS – This week’s featured image (the giant one at the top of this post) is another favorite from my session out at Rocking H Ranch! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can head right over here for more!

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