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Cheers to Monday | November 7th

The Week in Review | November 1 – 7, 2016

Happy November, friends! Can you believe that Christmas is NEXT month?? Last week, Luke and I booked our tickets home to Vermont for our winter vacation, and it’s gotten me SO excited about this coming season! Family time! Snow! Cold weather! Our home state! Speaking of Christmas…

Here are just a few of the highlights of the past seven days! 

-This first highlight is Christmas all the way, so hang in there, you “But we can’t talk about it until AFTER Thanksgiving” people (that’s usually me too, don’t worry). Just today, I introduced 11 new Christmas pieces into the Salty Pine Paper Co. shop, and I’m so excited to share them with you! There are two new hand-lettered prints and nine different red or gold ornaments available!!! You can check out the whole Christmas collection here! And I’ll put a couple of bonus sneak peek’s below too 😉

-Luke and I have been saying for a while that we want to get out and explore parts of St. Pete more, like trying new restaurants (we’re those people who go to the same couple of places all the time) and seeing different parts of town. This past weekend, we had an early date-night dinner at a place called Engine 9….and we both agree that those burgers were some of the best we’ve EVER had! Luke got one called the Heart Attack, with bacon + cheese + an egg, and I got one called the Demi God, with caramelized onions + sauteed mushrooms + bacon + cheddar. Oh. My. Gosh. They were SO good.

-Since I’ve been putting in some extra hours for the shop lately in prep for the Christmas launch, I plan on taking an evening this week just for mindless fun and relaxing, which I think will mean catching up on the latest episodes of The Voice and maybe eating HaloTop ice cream straight from the container 😉

-Thursday night at small group was our monthly meal night, and this month, we had a little group-style chili cook off! We had four different kinds of chili, corn bread muffins, all the fixins, and some delicious desserts! Luke and I took our go-to crockpot chili recipe….we’ve made this for a bunch of different groups of people over the past few months, and they’ve all seemed to really enjoy it, so if you’re in the market for a new chili dish, you should definitely give this one a try! (When we first made it, we didn’t know how we’d feel about it being sans beans, but we actually really liked it, so don’t be scared! 😉 )

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