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Cheers to Monday | November 28th

The Week in Review | November 22 – 28, 2016

After an afternoon of errands and grocery shopping, Luke and I made dinner tonight, actually sat down at the table to eat (something we’re being more intentional about these days), and then sprawled out on the couch together while he read our next Married Book Club pick out loud for two chapters. I love making new habits together with him while we figure out this thing called life and being spouses….there’s no one else on Earth I want to adventure with! 

And with that, here are just a few of the highlights of the past seven days! 

-Our Thanksgiving was simple and relaxing, just what we needed. We ended up staying here at our home, just the two of us, soaking up a four day weekend together, devoid of any major plans or appointments. It was glorious. There was a LOT of PJ time, snacking on leftovers, and binge watching our favorite TV series. It was P E R F E C T .

-I get really sentimental sometimes, and especially so around the holidays…Thanksgiving  was no different. I was reminded again of the incredible heritage of people that have come before Luke and I, who have paved the way for our lives and have helped to shape the way we see the world. We’re SO blessed to have a few very special and tangible reminders of those legacies scattered around our home, treasures that I hold dear, like Luke’s Grammie’s cast iron skillet, my Grandma Young’s copper measuring cups (in the picture above) and teal mason jar, and Luke’s great grandmother’s side table ❤️

-Like I mentione, we started reading our next Married Book Club pick….it’s called “Staying Close” by Dennis and Barbara Rainey. We picked it up at our very first Weekend to Remember conference last Spring (2015), and realized tonight that next year we’ll get to go to another one!!! ?

-Don’t judge us, but….we saw TWO movies over our little Thanksgiving break, and we loved them both! AND, we saw them at fancy theaters that had leather recliners for all the chairs ?….we’d never been to a theater like that before, but it was an awesome experience for sure! We saw Arrival first, which was surprisingly pro-life and filled with hope. We would definitely see it again! Then, when we left the theater, I ended up stopping to donate blood at the Red Cross Bus in the parking lot, and they gave us two free tickets to the theater, so we went back the next day and saw Hacksaw Ridge…..holy moly. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to. It was powerful, inspiring, and incredible to watch (and only made me cry at the very end haha).

-Luke would be the first one to tell you that I don’t love computer games (and I’m terrible at most haha), but he found a fun word game called Ruzzle, and now I’m basically addicted. Like the minute we finish a game together I jump to hit “rematch”, kind of addicted. My nerdy, lover of books and vocab self is in heaven, even though Luke is WAY better at it than me and kicks my tush pretty much every time! ?

And on that note….I’m off to a rematch and a little bit of HaloTop chocolate peppermint ice cream! ?

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