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Cheers to Monday | November 21st

The Week in Review | November 15 – 21, 2016

It’s currently 67 degrees in our little house, because cool weather has finally come to Florida and I feel like it would be a weenie move to turn on the heat just yet. But that means that while I sit here and type this in my office, I’m wearing heavy socks, pants, and a fleece over my shirt, while also being as tucked into my giant red blanket as I can be. Helllooooo, fall!

While we’re on the topic of cooler weather, I’ve been seeing all kinds of posts from our Northern family and friends depicting all the beautiful white and fluffy, freshly fallen snow they’ve recently gotten. It’s given me ALL the winter feels, and made me even more excited to be heading back to Vermont in ONE MONTH for two weeks of family time in the Green Mountains with my most favorite person on the planet! ❤️

And with that, here are just a few of the highlights of the past seven days! 

Actually, instead of several highlights, I’m going to share just one, because this week was a really important one for Luke and I, and I want to be able to look back on it and always remember how full and grateful our hearts are. And the Monday of Thanksgiving seems just the perfect time to share this story with all of you…

…If you’ve been talking with us over the past few months, than you know that we were feeling like a job change for Luke was much needed. He was feeling more and more like he and the company weren’t a good fit and that God was calling him to something else. He was seeing Jesus increase and multiply his desire to be able to work from home and be a part of a very particular kind of culture and company environment, but opportunities that aligned with that vision were no where to be found. In addition, he was spending at least eight hours each week commuting between here and Tampa, which we had been willing to work with when we first moved down, but now was just another burden that weighed heavily on us, especially with just one car.

A couple of months ago, an opportunity presented itself where Luke would be able to help open a new engineering office in the area, with the option to start working from home pretty regularly. As we pursued this opportunity and continued to pray about it, we had a peace together that God would open whatever doors He deemed fit, and if He didn’t, we would need to trust that His plans for us were greater. We especially prayed that we wouldn’t be blinded during this season by a desperation to just take the “next best thing” that came along. We wanted it to be a great transition and the clear best choice, not just a good or OK one. In the end, Luke had several interviews and meetings with this company, but when he presented his vision for long-term remote working, they said they were looking for someone who would be ok with a strong in-office presence. While we were so very thankful for a clear answer, a clear “this is definitely not what we’re supposed to be about right now”, I think we both felt the disappointment and sadness that comes from a passing opportunity that seems to be such a better fit than the situation you’re currently in.

But in that uneasy-ness and in-between, in those moments of praying really really hard for change and a new situation after watching a potentially really great opportunity walk right past us, we continued to go to Jesus together with Luke’s employment dreams, with his conviction to continue working with excellence at his current company even though it was less than ideal, with our hopes for what the future might look like, with our long and short-term goals.

And I just want to say how how faithful and incredible Jesus is. We were definitely feeling the tension between hope and not-yet-answered prayers, but He was there through each step. He faithfully brought people alongside us who committed to praying for us in this specific situation, who kept us accountable about our attitudes and our faith. He continued to develop and shape Luke’s dreams and goals, giving him a clearer and more defined vision of the culture and space in which he could thrive and really excel at serving and leading others.

In the midst of all that, about four weeks ago now, Luke got a “random” text from a former co-worker back in CT, which basically read, “We’re really swamped with projects and would love to have you back. Do you want to work for us and work from home?”. Ummmm, WHAT! YESSSSS! As a tiny bit of back story, this is a company that Luke really enjoyed working for, but at the time that we were praying about relocating out of CT, they weren’t in a position where they were willing to let him do remote working, so we felt it was time to step away. And now, almost an exact year later, we were watching the answer to our prayers unfold right before our eyes, but in ways that were exceedingly, abundantly beyond all we could have ever asked or imagined!

As far as employment goes, the past four-ish weeks have been a beautiful blur….Luke sent in his resume, talked with his old bosses, and got offered the job. God’s goodness just continues to amaze us! We’ve been to Ikea to pick out office furniture. We’ve spent a Saturday setting up his desks. We’ve gone supply shopping (my favorite….who doesn’t love buying brand new Sharpies in all the colors??), and found an incredible deal on a super comfy office chair that reclines.

We have stopped and just wanted to pinch ourselves more times than we can count, because, LUKE WORKS FROM HOME NOW! He is officially back with the company he’s always loved, working FULL-TIME from home, right across the hall from me! Today marks one week exactly that we’ve been adjusting to, and praising Jesus for, this new normal of ours, and we still can’t believe it! Even when we saw what seemed like a perfectly good opportunity pass us by, the Lord was working out something far better. He knew our hearts and our dreams intimately, and was orchestrating a change that we couldn’t even have imagined then! ❤️

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