| Cheers to Monday
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Cheers to Monday | May 23rd

The Week in Review | May 17 – May 23, 2016

Happy Monday, all! I’m in the office this afternoon, post nap (because I literally fell asleep sitting up on the couch this morning), getting some writing done while I admire the pretty hyacinth we picked up at TJ’s this weekend, and then I’ll be jumping in to working on two new custom print orders for Salty Pine Paper Co., that’ll be shipping out to Seattle tomorrow! So exciting!

And with that, here are some of the highlights of the past seven days!

-I’ll start out by saying that trying to find a long maxi dress is WAY harder than I thought! I’ve been searching all over online and am still looking!

-We tried this recipe last night for creamy cauliflower “mashed potatoes”, and it was SO GOOD! Even the hubs, who is a die-hard real potatoes fan, said they were super good! We’ll definitely be making these again soon!

-We got to spend a good amount of our weekend together at the beach, which was so nice! We haven’t gone together too much lately (Saturdays have been busy!) but we made up for it the past couple of days, splashing around, reading, running from the fish (just me), and on Sunday after church, enjoying it with the Finleys, who came out with baby Noah 🙂

-I discovered a fun new passion: hand-lettering envelopes! I received a custom order at Salty Pine last week to letter envelopes and graduation announcements, and I loved it! I’ll be adding this service as a new listing in the Etsy shop sometime this week, if you know of anyone who might be interested 😉

-My poor Jetta, Gertie, broke down last Monday and is still in the shop 🙁 I had just pulled out of Trader Joe’s and was at the light when she stopped shifting and I couldn’t do a single thing to get her to move. Even in gear, with my foot OFF the clutch, she didn’t stall. DUN DUN DUN. Turns out, the axle broke and then the towing company put a giant hole in her oil pan, so….she’s getting a tune up and will hopefully be back in our driveway by the end of this week! Many, MANY thanks to Kim, who came to my rescue, on her birthday, to wait with me for AAA and then take me and my thawing groceries home! ♥ PS – Luke was already walking out to his car at work to come be with me, because he’s such a great guy, but it didn’t seem right that he drive all the way from Tampa when I was safe and sound and could squeeze in some extra girl time out of the whole experience 😉

-In much more exciting news, I celebrated a huge business achievement last week when I traveled out to Dunedin, FL and did a commercial photography session for a store there that I just love, called FOUND Treasures for Living! You might remember a few weeks back that my sweet friend, Emily, and I went to Dunedin for a little photography fun, and stopped in at this very store! There is so much to say about getting to be back at the shop last Thursday, and I can’t wait to share more…because it was just wonderful, in SO many ways…but until then, here’s a sneak peek photo that I just love!


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