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Cheers to Monday | May 22nd

The Week in Review | May  16 – 22, 2017

Orange juice + PJs + my favorite red blanket + a roll of TP on the coffee table (no Kleenex lol) = my day so far. Luke traveled back to Wisconsin last week for four days, and while he was away, we both started to come down with colds. Mine came on full force on Friday night, as he was starting to feel better, and I’ve been hunkered down on the couch ever since. Thankfully, I have a really wonderful husband who’s been taking sweet care of me while I’ve just been a bump on a log ?, and hopefully by tomorrow, I’ll be back to normal! 

And with that, here are a few favorite highlights from the past seven days! 

– We went to our very first baseball game together on Friday evening, and it was SO MUCH FUN! We’ve been talking about going for a long time, for probably a couple of years really, but we’ve never just gone and bought tickets…until this week! We stopped for nachos at our favorite little Mexican spot before the game, and then walked down to the stadium to watch the Yankees and Rays!!!! We ended up with pretty good seats where we could see all the action, and of course, I swooned for the old man a few rows up and to my right, who was there with his wife and other family, cheering on the Yankees, too. It was such a fun and special date night, and I can’t wait to go together again (hopefully soon)! 

– I read “A Severe Mercy” for the first time and finished it last week. I sobbed (seriously…ugly crying on the couch) through a good bit of it, especially because of it’s transparency and got-wrenching honesty. I mentioned it already last week, but I really would recommend it to anyone, and would love to hear from other people that have read it, what they thought and what their reaction was. So far, several friends have commented that it’s one of their favorite books, too!

– While I’ve been sick and not sleeping much, I’ve been camped out on the couch at night watching the Netflix series, “When Calls the Heart”, based on the book series of the same title by Janette Oke. I read her books quite a bit when I was younger and loved how she intertwined romance, faith, and adventure. Watching the TV show now has been especially fun because of that, and I would say that even though it was a little slow starting for me and some might just call it sappy, I really love the series and am already on Season Two…it’s getting really good! 🙂 

(After doing some quick research just now, I realized that this series is currently airing on the Hallmark channel and is directed by Michael Landon Jr.!)


And now, a little note about marriage and being sick.

I already mentioned how sweet Luke has been, but it bares (bears?) repeating because he’s just wonderful, and I want to take every opportunity I can to say thank you. On Saturday, when I hadn’t slept much and generally just felt miserable, he kept the house quiet all morning so I could get as much rest as possible. Additionally, he tackled sweeping our entire house, which – with the amount that Lucy sheds – equates to cleaning up a whole second dog from the floors. He started laundry, did full meal planning for this week, and then went out and shopped for all of the groceries we needed. He even cleaned and topped of the litter box, which is huge for someone that “hates” cats ? On top of that, he thoughtfully picked up an acai bowl for me on the way home because he knows they’re one of my favorites. HE IS SO KIND. 

While I did think about these kind of loving acts while we were dating and I would imagine what it would be like in the future, once we were married, I can say with confidence that Luke is a far better husband than I ever dreamed or imagined. He is thoughtful, tender, kind, self-sacrificing, and hilariously funny. He works incredibly hard, always acts with integrity and honor, and still leaves little love notes around the house for me ❤️

What I’m trying to say is….Thank you, Babe, for taking such good care of me, this weekend and always. Thank you for bringing me NyQuil when I forgot, for standing in long grocery lines because I had a cookie-dough craving, for reminding me that IT’S OK to rest and take care of myself, for starting the laundry, for going to Trader Joe’s even though you hate shopping, for flirting with me and making me laugh via memes, for blowing up the air mattress for me in the other, cooler, room when I got too hot and couldn’t sleep through the night. Thank you for loving me and caring for me and being my best friend. I love you!


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