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Cheers to Monday | May 1st

The Week in Review | April 25 – May 1, 2017

Happy May 1st, Everybody!!! I’m on a mission this evening to head to Staples to get a few Salty Pine Paper Co. postcards printed out, so I’m going to keep today’s Cheers short and sweet with just two points! 😉

– Five new little prints launched in the shop last week (including the one pictured in the feature image of this post), specifically designed with mamas in mind! I hope that when people see these new pieces and think of a mama they know that’s doing an incredible job, they’ll pick one out to send her a little snail-mail encouragement, like a tiny cheering-squad in her mailbox!!! These prints are perfect for year-round surprises and gifting, whether it’s for Mother’s Day or to celebrate a new mom or to cheer on a mama in the trenches with a threenager 😉 If you want to see the other four new additions, you can head over to 🙂 

– I’m still reading through “Make It Happen” by Lara Casey, and I marked this paragraph off earlier today because it was such a good reminder for me to think on as I examine my life, my businesses, my marriage, my walk with Jesus, my relationships, etc: 

“Busy is the enemy of peace. Busy takes us away from our purpose. Busy is not truly productive in the big picture. Busy means life’s joys and surprises can’t find a way into our lives because we’re moving too fast to see and experience them. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to move so fast that I miss my life”.

How are YOU feeling about busyness? Do you feel like you have a pretty good balance in your day to day life or are you struggling with saying “no” to some things (even good things) so you can say “yes” to the best things? 

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