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Cheers to Monday | May 16th

The Week in Review | May 10 – May 16, 2016

Luke and I just got back from our weekend getaway, and if you were following along on Snapchat, you got to see all kinds of random snippets from our time in Brookesville! Can’t wait to share a full post about our adventures (including tons of fun phone snaps!) later on this week! We were talking in the car on the way home yesterday about how grateful we are for this season that gives us the freedom and ability to put this kind of special focus on our marriage right now, knowing full well that in the years ahead, this will likely look a little different but will still be just as important for us to make time for. As Luke wisely said, “Being intentional in every season will make it easier to be intentional in every season”.

And with that, here are some of the highlights of the past seven days!

-Ummm, our trip obviously! More on that later this week, but suffice it to say, there was significant pool time, delicious Mexican food, and lots of talks about these almost two-years-so-far of being man and wife.

-An unexpected gift: we were having some issues with one of the new-ish tires on our Jetta (it kept going flat), so I took it in to have it looked at. They told me at the beginning that it would likely be a couple hour wait before they could get it in, and it was, but in the end, they came out and told me it was a nail, and that everything was repaired. Then came the gift: “You’ve waited long enough. You’re all set!” …..They didn’t charge us for their time or the repair! It was completely unexpected, but that kindness made my whole day!

-While we were poolside, I finished “Hope Heals” and then immediately regretted that I hadn’t read through the whole thing with a highlighter in hand, having realized just how many paragraphs there are (SO many) that spoke much-needed truth and hope and restoration and eternal perspective to my heart. I know I’ll be rereading this one soon, and maybe writing a separate post about what I’m learning from it? I shared this quote (one of my most favorites) yesterday over on Instagram, and am even now, still turning it over again and again in my mind and heart, each time hoping to permanently gain more of THIS perspective:

“One day, we will see. One day, the arc of our stories will all make perfect sense. One day, we will trace the lines of our scars and find them to have fallen in the most pleasant of places, to see them in our great inheritance. One day, we won’t need to hope, nor will we need to be healed because we will be face-to-face with the source of both, the source of everything…Jesus. And in the glory of His face, the darkest suffering and loss we have endured will fade like shadows at daybreak. Until then, the moments of releasing our lives into the hands of a God we cannot see are the closest to wholeness we will come on this side of eternity. This is our truest healing-the healing of our souls-and it sustains us when we wake up tomorrow to an unknown but hopeful new day.”

-Last but not least….today is my bestie Kim’s birthday, so I’ll use this little space to say: I’m beyond thankful for your friendship, Rooms! I couldn’t see it all when we were introduced that first time at work in the ER or when you mentioned shortly after that you were looking for a roommate, but now I see it clearly…how the Lord crossed our paths on purpose (is it ever any other way?) because He knew from the very beginning that we would laugh and cry together, encourage and support one another, keep each other accountable, cheer each other on, learn to grow together through misunderstandings, and eventually, stand beside one another at each others weddings and now, beside one another through life and marriage to our wonderful men. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Happy birthday!!!! ???? Can’t wait to celebrate you today!!! 😀 😀

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