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Cheers to Monday | March 28th

The Week in Review | March 22-28, 2016

Happy Monday, y’all! This upcoming week is going to be a good one for sure, with a new portrait session to blog, a free resource for newly engaged couples to design, and some other business-related housekeeping items to cross off the list. Thankfully, it will also be a teensy bit slower than the previous week or two. If you know Luke and I personally, you know that I am way more of the extroverted one between the two of us, and even I’ve been tired-out by all the fun and wonderful things on our calendar lately! I’ve already written out a few of my top to-do’s for the week, and am going to keep working on focus and being intentional/selective about my time so that I can make the most of the hours that I’m in the office and use the remaining ones for the other things that fill up my heart and get me excited to wake up every morning (generally, Jesus, marriage, community ♥)!

Here are some of my favorite things from the past seven days: 

-Last Thursday night was the first time we’d gone to a Gulf Coast community group, and we totally loved it! We made a lot of new friends, dug deeper into Psalm 73, and got to pet the cutest little Dachshund named Gretchen.

-Luke and I made time over the weekend to get out of the house and sit down together for business brainstorming about This Good Life, and it was just what my heart needed. Despite almost crying more than once (helllloooo, Emotional), I found so much encouragement and hope from that time, and it’s helping me come at this week with a fresh perspective and new goals.

-We found the best Mexican food we’ve had in Florida so far AND got to share it with dear friends from CT who are down in FL for the spring! WIN WIN!

-Luke and I got to celebrate Easter for the THIRD time together, which is such an incredible blessing for me. There is so much added joy that I didn’t even know was possible in sharing the Day that Changes Everything with a husband! And of course there were Easter S’Mores to be had in the afternoon! #tradition #threetimes

-Our Saturday was SO productive, which made our rest on Sunday even sweeter! Luke kicked butt getting our yard and lawns spring-ready: mowing, cleaning, raking, you name it! He did the outside and I did the inside, and by the end of the day, we were starving and sweaty and gross, but everything looks so.much.better! GO TEAM!

-Even though it was crazy stormy + raining sideways earlier in the day on Friday, it cleared right up in the afternoon (huge answer to prayer), and I was able to shoot the first portrait session from our Baby H Fundraiser! Liz donated to the fundraiser so that she could get some updated images for her business portfolio, and I’m so thrilled about how they turned out!



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