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Cheers to Monday | March 13th

The Week in Review | March 6 – 13, 2017

Spring is springing here in FL, with beautiful weather, LOTS of pollen haha, and longer days with more light! And to make March even better, we have some of our favorite Vermonters staying with us for a week, and we are LOVING having them here!

And with that, here are just a few of the highlights of the past seven days!

– Family coming to visit is obviously a major highlight! On Saturday night, Luke and I drove up to Orlando to pick Isaac and Lyd up from the airport (that place is huge), and we’ve been having a blast ever since. Yesterday after church, we packed up the beach chairs, our books, some water, and a bottle of last summer’s sunscreen, and took Isaac and Lyd to one of our favorite spots to dig out toes into the warm sand. It was a little overcast when we got there, but by the afternoon, the sun was showing off all bright and hot, and three of the four of us came home with a sunburn 😉 


– My biggest highlight before that was getting to see Luke again!! 😀 He had to travel out to Wisconsin for a second week in a row, which means that we spent less than 48 hours together over a 14 day period…but Jesus was so gracious to us and gave us that wonderful weekend together in the middle (those precious almost 48 hours)! He flew out last Sunday evening and was supposed to fly home Friday around 8pm, but texted me on Thursday and let me know he was able to switch his flight and he was coming home early! I was SO excited to see him that I didn’t get a lot of sleep Thursday night…it was like trying to sleep on Christmas Eve! After my hair apt on Friday (more on that below) and an extra-special Skype date with my two best friends, I got to spend the whole rest of the day with my hubby thanks to his earlier flight, and it was just the best! We lounged around the house for a little while, took a stroll down around the bay, and then tried out a new local place for dinner take-out called The Casual Clam 🙂 


– My hair…holy moly, where do I start? My last cut/color was a year ago, and it looked amazing at the time, but obviously 12 whole months can take a toll, and it got a little rough haha. So you can imagine how excited I was on Friday morning when I headed downtown with my bestie for a double-hair-date with our favorite stylist, Jess Farkas. She is a hair wizard, y’all! Not only is she incredibly talented and able to take what you mention and make it a reality, but she has a heart of gold and just the right amount of sass 😉  Kim and I had sooooo much fun spending the morning with her, laughing, joking, talking about politics and culture and families, and sharing new book titles to add to our reading lists…and I walked out with the hair on the right…literally my DREAM HAIR! ???  All I can say is that if you live locally, you will never ever regret setting up an appointment with her!!! This-Good-Life-Photo-Cheers-to-Monday-March-13

– If you know me, than you probably know that I think tiny things (like little bud vases, cute salt and pepper shakers, travel toiletries, etc) are ADORABLE! And this past weekend, I got my first Ipsy bag in the mail, which was almost too much adorable-ness for me to handle haha ?  It’s a $10/month subscription where you get a new little makeup bag each month, filled with five personalized makeup/hair care products to try….and it was so fun to see the shiny pink mailer poking out of the mail box! ALL THE TINY THINGS!!!! ? In this month’s bag there was DLS blush, an aloe vera cream rinse that smelled AMAZING, a cute teal blending brush, a bronzer, and a little snail of face cream 🙂 


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