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Cheers to Monday | June 19th

* This is being posted a day late because I had some website issues yesterday and couldn’t log-in, but that’s all resolved now, so let’s just jump right in! 

I’m going to skip ahead to one of my most favorite parts of the past week, k?

Young Married Couples Dinner (YMCD)!

Our church offers these events every little while as a time to gather together with other “young married couples” to encourage and be encouraged. For the next few events, Luke and I were asked to host, and we were (are) incredibly humbled. There is nothing in our marriage that sets us apart as experts IN ANY WAY…we are continually, sometimes literally minute by minute, being refined through our marriage and working on the weaknesses, pride, and deep selfishness being revealed in both of us. Yes, marriage IS difficult. BUT, it’s also incredibly wonderful, and we are passionate about it because we believe that it is a setting unlike any other for Christ to reveal Himself to the world and to demonstrate His unimaginably deep and unendingly patient love for each of us. So when we were asked to host, we were so excited about the opportunity to dig deep with other like-minded couples and to come alongside each other as cheerleaders and supporters on this incredible journey.

I read a quote (by Don Shorey) several years ago that struck a cord deep in my heart about the beauty and purpose of marriage, and it’s stuck with me ever since. I even made a print in my Easy shop about it, the one in the image at the top, because I think it’s so powerful! He points out that we are “called to the build the Kingdom first through the romance and adventure of our home”. I LOVE that! It reminds me that our marriages and our families should stand out in the world. There should be something different and striking about what happens in our homes because we love and follow Jesus, and when that “something” IS present, it commands attention and points people back to the Source.

It was with that in mind that we agreed to host the next few YMCDs in our home, because we want to remind the couples in our church that their marriage MATTERS, that it has divine purpose, and that they are doing Kingdom work by staying committed and covenanted to one another.

All of that to say…this past Saturday was our first YMCD, and Luke and I both were incredibly encouraged by the other couples who filled our little living room with their stories, their struggles, and the resources that have helped give them success along the way. We’re so excited to be on this journey with other husbands and wives who love Jesus and are going through a lot of the same things that we are…we can’t wait to have them all back in the next couple of months for Night Two!

Other things from this week that I really loved:

-FINALLY trying my first waffle at Story Brooke Craft Cafe

-being a part of another awesome Tuesdays Together meeting

-having the chance to watch a webinar from one of my favorite educators

-investing in my business by enrolling in the Katelyn James Consistency Course (a dream come true!)

-an honest to goodness rest day with Luke yesterday after church…naps, warm chocolate chip cookies, movies on the couch, thunder…heaven!

-getting my Boxycharm Box in the mail

-reading a couple more chapters in our new married book together (“Fun Loving You”)

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