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Cheers to Monday | July 4

The Week in Review | June 28 – July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July, everybody!!! ?? Today, we celebrate the 240th birthday of our nation! Can you imagine all the things this dear country has seen? TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY years of freedom, of history in the making! Wars, tragedies, triumphs, inventions, brilliant leaders, amazing discoveries, and incredible, unimaginable growth! What a thing to remember and commemorate this day!

Sometimes it feels like such a momentous occasion should be celebrated by solemnly remembering the costs, by recalling to our minds the price of the freedom we (I) so often don’t even consider. And I think there should be an aspect of that. If we can’t, or won’t, remember where we came from or WHY, history is bound to repeat itself, right?

On the other hand, though, I think there is also great fun in being loud and cheerful and oh so happy on this day! We have the life and opportunities that we do because of a foundation laid some two and half centuries ago…a celebration is definitely in order!!!

And with that, here are some of the highlights of the past seven days and what fun things we’re up to around here this weekend!

-Bright and early Tuesday morning, well before 7am, Luke and I were up and out of the house, on our way to a cute diner in Clearwater for breakfast with the business’ CPA. Over omelettes and free-flowing coffee, we hashed out our most pressing tax questions and took copious amounts of notes. We’re feeling much more prepared for this next season of growing the business!

-Kim and I had a lazy morning together, and it was just what we needed for catching up after almost three weeks of not seeing each other! She came over to our place after Luke had left for work and we spent the next several hours combing through our lives in typical best-friend fashion: a verbal ping-pong match (how Luke describes it) of sharing details, bouncing questions back to the other person, and jumping into too many new topics at once 😉 

-As I’ve mentioned here before, Luke and I have an every-Monday, family-style dinner with a couple we met at church in the spring, who have moved from acquaintances to being a part of our tribe. This past week, Jordan approached us about helping him surprise Ami for her birthday, and we jumped in with both feet, which meant that on Thursday….we became parents for a night! Say what?! All of our scheming came together with this perfect, final plan: Luke and I would keep their nine month old, Noah, overnight, so that the two of them could have a date night and several hours of consecutive, completely uninterrupted, like-before-they-were-parents-of-a-baby sleep!

And in case you’re wondering, they said they had a wonderful time, and Noah was still alive when Ami came to pick him up Friday morning, so all in all, I’d say it was a success! 😉

-Here in our little Ricker home, we’re been soaking up this three day weekend together!!! On Saturday, we went to see a matinee showing of Now You See Me II, which was extra special for us because Now You See Me was the very first movie we went to see together in a theater when we were dating. Awwwww! ❤️ And both agree that it was just as good as the first one, which is always nice!

Yesterday was the epitome of a blissful rest-day….early service at church, coming home for an 11am, lunch, a two+ hour nap (for me), and then lounging around the house together the rest of the day, capped off by homemade nachos and binge-watching our show on Hulu ?

Today, we have a second whole-lot-of-nothing day planned, and we’re loving it! Luke got up early (of course haha) but kept everything around the house quiet so I could get some extra sleep, which was wonderful and I love him so much for! 😉 AND we have wild plans to grill out, snuggle on the couch, and make sundaes with our homemade butter pecan ice cream before heading out to watch the fireworks with Jordan and Ami.Yay!!

How about YOU? Do you have any special Independence Day traditions with your family or ones that you’re starting new this year? What’s your favorite July 4th snack? Do you have a favorite dessert recipe you always make this time of year? Share them with us in the comments…we’d love to hear, seriously!!!! 😀

PS – Here’s the recipe I used last night to make said butter pecan ice cream, just in case you’re dying of curiosity over there and want to make some for yourself! 😉


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