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Cheers to Monday | July 25th

The Week in Review | July 19 – July 25, 2016

For some reason, I woke up feeling excited that it was the start of a brand new week today, almost like the next seven days are a mysterious gift that I get to unwrap and discover for the very first time! I have some exciting new work projects that I’ve been dreaming of, that I’m hoping to start working on in the next few days. Luke and I get to actually be home in St. Pete together this week. The house is clean and picked up, with minimal laundry in the basket (woooohoooo!).

But mostly, I’m really grateful for God’s grace. The sermon yesterday was powerful and convicting, speaking to the fact that we, God’s chosen people, His Bride, are adulteresses at heart, willingly turning our affections and our hearts away from our True King, away from the One who ransomed us, towards any and every cheap, titillating thing that catches our fancy. Our basic, default nature, as fallen humans, is unfaithfulness. WOOF. That’s a hard truth for my pride to swallow. But just a few verses after that brutal honesty, James (in chapter four, verse six) writes the sweetest words…but He gives greater grace…”. No matter the level of my unfaithfulness, no matter how quickly I let other things satisfy me, no matter how fast I run from Him towards something so much less than He is….His grace is greater still.

Isn’t that just the best news, literally, EVER? There isn’t a single, solitary thing that you or I can do to out-sin God’s grace. It is utterly endless, more vast and expansive that our imaginations can even fathom. It. Will. NEVER. Run. Out.

And I think hearing that truth again yesterday helped reset my perspective for this upcoming week….how could it not?


PS – In case some of you tune in to Cheers just for the fun weekly memories that help launch us into a brand new seven days, I’ll tell you all about my top favorite from last week….being able to go up to Jacksonville with Luke 🙂 The back story is that I’d just gotten back from my girls weekend up in Virginia late Sunday night (after being trapped on the St. Pete runway for two extra hours haha), and Luke needed to be up in JAX first thing Tuesday morning for a meeting at 8am, which meant that we hadn’t seen a lot of each other the previous few days and the next week, through Thursday, was looking about the same.

After checking on a few things, we realized that it would be possible for me to travel up to JAX with Luke, which would make for a lot more face-to-face time for us and would also give us another road-trip adventure. Win win! AND it would be the first time that it’s ever worked out for me to be able to go on a work trip with him, so that made it extra exciting for me! Side note: Luke is convinced that work trips are boring and long (probably because he’s actually having to do the work), but I love staying in new places and seeing new faces – HA! #poet – so it was super exciting for one of us 😉

All kidding aside, we had a great time! Luke found us a cute little Airbnb that was close to all his work sites for Tues/Wed, which was a huge bonus! He ended up being done at his first site in the early afternoon on Tuesday, so we got to go have lunch together afterwards (ahhhhhhmazing BBQ and sweet tea), then get a few hours of work done together at our little bungalow, and then head out to have dinner! We had more BBQ. Don’t judge us. And on Wednesday, his site visit was super short, so afterwards, we stopped and got brunch at Maple Street Biscuit Company. And it literally changed our lives, it was so good. Just go check out their menu descriptions and pictures, and you’ll see why! This phone snap might also help 😉 


What I’m trying to tell you is that last week’s “work trip” basically ended up being a food tour around Jacksonville with my favorite guy, and I don’t regret it at all ❤️

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