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Cheers to Monday | July 18th

The Week in Review | July 12 – July 18, 2016

This past week flew by in a flurry of community, adventure, and airport time! I finally made it home late last night, thanks to my dear hubby who rescued me from the airport (after Kim and I sat in the plane on the runway for two hours after we landed), after which I thoroughly enjoyed an 11:30pm dinner of chicken nuggets and McDonald’s fries, followed up by a tasty baked treat shared on the couch before bed. Not my greatest nutritional choices in life so far, but certainly oh so wonderful after a long day and only snacks since post-church lunch 🙂 

And with that, here are some of the highlights of the past seven days!

-On Thursday afternoon, Sam dropped Kim and I off at the airport, and a short two hours later, we were sitting in a car in Lynchburg with our best friend, Erin! What followed were four days of girls’ weekend awesomeness…tubing on the James (and not dying)…driving around the LU campus at night and gawking at all that crazy transformation…finally visiting Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards (it’s been on my VA bucket list for literally years)…stopping at Cookout the very first night to get our milkshake and hush puppy fix…discovering just how pretty and perfect our random Airbnb find turned out to be…piling into the living room for back to back movies (and tears) and take-out from our favorite Japanese place…

There are truly WAY too many memories to share here, but hopefully you realize what it is I’m really trying to say: spending time with those girls is just plain good for my soul, and I’m beyond thankful that they’re a part of my tribe!

-This little point should probably get a whole post of it’s own for how full of God’s providence and working this situation is, but for now, a mention with have to do. I was given the incredible opportunity and honor of co-leading our local Tuesdays Together group after we split into two separate locations, and this past Tuesday, we had our very first St. Pete area meeting!!! I was nervous as heck about the idea of leading a group of fellow creatives, who are so smart and experienced and talented, but Luke lovingly reminded me that leadership has very little to do with knowing all the things and has so much more to do with being able to facilitate an atmosphere of honest communication and learning. Yes, I was shaky. Yes, I got lost in my notes. Yes, I was scared everyone would think I was an imposter and don’t know anything about anything. But you know what? Stepping out and being brave is worth it! Our meeting was fantastic, because of the people around the table and the experience of sharing raw, real things together so that we can all grow as people AND business owners! We worked hard to build up our little community that day, and I’m so excited to be a part of encouraging and championing and cheering it on in the weeks to come!

-Getting to see my sweet husband’s face last night was definitely a highlight of this fast-paced week! ❤️ He left town last Tuesday morning around 4am on a business trip to Jacksonville, and didn’t get back until evening time Wednesday, the day before my four day out-of-state girls weekend. Needless to say, after almost a week of not a lot of real face-to-face time together, seeing him walking towards me last night outside of the airport was pretty wonderful!!!

PS – If you love Fixer Upper, home decor, and supporting small local businesses, you’ll love the session we’ll be featuring here later this week, from the two commercial shoots we did at FOUND Treasures for Living out in Dunedin, Florida (the shoot that today’s feature image is from!)! Stay tuned, and happy Monday! 🙂

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  • Erin Simpson


    I love you, I love your honesty, I love that you are my sister, I love that you love Jesus and that you love my brother. <3 Cheers to Monday…and now for the ganache! 😉

    July 18, 2016 at 7:42 pm

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