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Cheers to Monday | July 11

The Week in Review | July 5 – July 11, 2016

It is hot, hot, HOT here in Florida these days, with temps already in the high 90s (and right up to 101), coupled with the kind of humidity that makes your hair look like a wild nest no matter how styled and pretty it may have been when you stepped out of the house ? What does this mean for us? Carefully and expertly navigating between air conditioned buildings/cars/locations of any kind + ice in EVERYTHING + adjusting to the total shock of realizing that the summertime Florida water feels like a giant bathtub instead of a cool refreshment! ?

And with that, here are some of the highlights of the past seven days!

-We had a really fun night on the 4th of July, complete with watching fireworks right over the water with our sweet friends Ami and Jordan, and then finally making it home to our jammies and our celebratory sundaes with homemade everything (ice cream, ganache, whipped cream….the whole shebang)!

-On Friday, Kim and I were supposed to have a quiet girls’ day at my house, but called an audible and ended up spending most of our afternoon out and about at Ikea! 😀 Neither of our husbands really love having to walk all over creation while we stop and admire each tiny new thing on display, so going with another girl who acts the same way there made the trip extra enjoyable 😉 And we found all kinds of pretty treasures….floating shelves, a bright little plant, new rugs for in front of the doors, etc. I wanted to be wise with the money I’d set aside for the trip, hoping to pick out a few key items that would give the most bang for their buck once they were in their new home….and I think it worked out pretty well! Here’s a little (unedited cell phone) sneak peek of the living room wall transformation!


-Luke and I learned a new card game yesterday, called Whist. And he (Like he always does).

-Kim and I are flying out of St. Pete this Thursday….to Virginia!!! We’re heading up for a second girls’ weekend with our bestie, Erin, and are almost beside ourselves with excitement to be back in our old city, all together again! If you missed the recap of our first girls’ weekend all together, when Erin flew down here to FL to visit us in April, you can read all about it here 😉

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