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Cheers to Monday | January 16th

The Week in Review | January 10 – 16, 2017

This past week was a little bit quiet and a little bit busy, all in spurts I guess, just like life. It was our first week back to “normal” after two weeks of vacation, and even today, I feel like I’m STILL adjusting and getting back into the swing of things. In fact, by 4:30pm, I was already showered and in comfy PJs ? My goal is to do a little more work from the couch over the next couple of hours, but then all bets are off, and I have big plans to watch New Girl or a Netflix documentary and enjoy some chocolate-covered pretzels. Pretty wild around here, right?? ?

And with that, here are just a few of the highlights of the past seven days! 

– I hosted our very first Tuesdays Together meeting of 2017 this past week, and got to spend the morning sitting around our living room with four other creative boss ladies as we shared the struggles and victories in our businesses, and passed around tips and tricks for improving our workflow and organization! PHEW! It was wonderful and so life-giving and refreshing!

– Luke ended up coming down with whatever cold I picked up at the end of our vacation ? So the last half of last week was filled with a lot of couch snuggles and coughing and sniffles. I certainly don’t mind quiet nights at home together, though, and am storing up all these “every day” memories to hold onto as the seasons fly by! ❤️

– I had the incredible honor of meeting my dear friend Emily’s sweet new baby girl, Payton, on Sunday morning (she’s the beauty in tonight’s feature images at the top!). Emily and I met over a year ago when Luke and I first moved down to FL and she needed someone to second shoot a wedding with her, but I had no idea then that she would become such a dear friend or that I would be there capturing a Fresh 48 session the weekend that she and B became parents! God is so good, and I’m so grateful for His heart for friendship and community!

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