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Cheers to Monday | December 12th

The Week in Review | December 6 – 12, 2016

THERE ARE LESS THAN TWO WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! And all I want to do right now is curl up on the couch in front of the tree, sipping hot chocolate and watching White Christmas. Basically, I’m saying that productivity is at an all time low around here this afternoon 😉

But it’s still a brand new week full of brand new possibilities, and to celebrate, I’m sharing just a few of the highlights of the past seven days! 

-Luke came home from California! I’m always leery to share that I’m home alone on social media, because creepy people, but now that he’s back and filling up the office next door with calls and typing and coffee, I can happily share all about it! With his new remote working position, he’s here at our home offices about three weeks out of each month, and the other, is traveling around the country either to different projects or to different central company offices. Anyways, he flew back home this past Friday evening, and it was SO good to see him walking towards the car!!!

-We had a super full and Christmas-y weekend! On Friday night after I picked him up, we ran a quick errand and then I dropped him off at home and then headed to church for a Jingle and Mingle ladies night 🙂 On Saturday morning, he dropped me off at a baby shower for my dear friend Emily, and then we knocked out our weekly grocery shopping, which took up a few hours in the afternoon. In the evening, we drove out to Idlewild Church in Lutz to see their annual Christmas production, and it was amazing! Like a Broadway play, they had a full stage set, a live orchestra, and all kinds of lights and fog! If you happened to be following my IG story that night (@thisgoodlifephoto), then you saw a whole bunch of sneak peeks 😉 Afterwards, Luke drove us to downtown St. Pete, and we got out and walked around all the light displays by the water….it was beautiful and felt extra festive! ❤️

-I mentioned to Luke earlier today that I have a surprise for him on Friday evening, and ever since….he’s been asking for all kinds of hints! ALL KINDS! So far, I’ve told him that we won’t be eating dinner here that night, that it’s within a 75 mile radius from us, and that there are lights there ? As you  might be guessing, he hasn’t appreciated my hints very much ?

-I put up a few more decorations around my office, and it’s looking extra Christmas-y now! There are white twinkly lights stretched around three of the walls, plus a cute little wooden Christmas tree cutout on the shelves behind me….it’s so fun to be working in here!


But just in case it’s sounding glamorous or overly “done up”, here’s a real time photo of what my desk looks like as I type…’s a DISASTER haha! It’s been an incredible (and totally unexpected) blessing to have the number of Etsy orders coming in that I do, and this messy space is the result of last week’s packaging and order-wrapping-up session ? (Plus some afternoon tea in my favorite “J” mug to help kick my tushy into gear this afternoon ?)

PS – Below this is a little phone snap of a new favorite, a Baby’s First Christmas ornament that I got to create for one of the ladies in our small group to give to her daughter, who just became a mama last month! I’ve done lots of these First Christmas ornaments on bulbs, but I really LOVE how it looks on a wood slice! ?



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