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Cheers to Monday | August 7th

Hi sweet friends! It has been almost one month to the day since I wrote the last Cheers, and all I can say is: summmmmer 😉 I have definitely been enjoying a more summery schedule as far as regular blogging/posting goes, but I’m gearing back up to start regular Monday posts + random other weekly ones again soon, around the start of September! 🙌

If you’re a regular around here, thank you SO MUCH for reading and for being invested in the goings-on of my business and our life here. Having a little Tribe of Encouragement around This Good Life means the world to me! So….if you’re a regular around here…maybe say hi in the comments or over on the FB business page! I would LOVE to hear from you…tell me your favorite ice cream flavor! Or your favorite memory so far from this summer! Or your latest and most loved new recipe you’ve tried out! 

And I’ll 1) share one of my favorite images from my best friend’s maternity session with you and, 2) tell you about my weekend with Luke 🙂




I got up “early” Saturday morning and made a big pancake breakfast, which we haven’t had in LONG time, and that was super tasty! We ended up lounging around the house for a while before piling into the car with AC blasting and Luke behind the wheel, headed down to Bradenton FL to visit our closest Hobby Lobby for the first time.


Luke patiently walked around with me as I went up and down literally almost every single aisle (I don’t want to miss anything!), sometimes more than once, to see “all the things”. We even found a little square watercolor succulent print that’s the newest addition to our house and still waiting for it’s perfect display spot. 

On the way home, hunger started creeping in and we stopped downtown for a progressive dinner of sorts (two different spots, splitting two different entrees) before heading home to relax and read-and-eat-ice-cream in bed.

Sunday morning brought sunshine and a special church morning with a message given by one of the missionaries supported in part by our community, who has been back in the States with his wife for the past four months, traveling together and sharing of God’s faithfulness and provision, and their vision to bring the Gospel to so many unreached corners. 

One really amazing story they shared was how God brought them together over 20 years ago. He was widowed and had prayed a prayer he thought impossible to answer…if he was to every marry again, make her a blonde haired, blue eyed, white woman who asked him to marry her. Little did he know, the Lord was preparing just such a person across the oceans from him, and when she finished Bible school and traveled to India to work with his ministry, she heard from Jesus clearly that she was to be his wife. And then told him so one day on the side of the road by their broken down car…only God could orchestrate such a miraculous and obvious answer to years of prayer from both hearts!

Sunday afternoon brought naps in our little ice box of a room (three cheers for window AC units!) followed by toes digging into sand, books being consumed (and finished) voraciously, sunburnt shoulders (Luke) disappearing into cool teal water, and Pub Subs making their way into our car on the way home so dinner was labor-free and picnic-y in the living room 💛

And now we’re co-working together at Starbucks, he focusing on details of an engineering project out in Michigan and me getting ready to dive back in to sorting thousands of digital photos so that they’re organized and favorites can easily be printed out and saved. This is an ongoing summer project that I started because I realized I have SO MANY photos, and if I don’t make a plan now, none of them will end up printed out and enjoyed by us or future anyones…they’ll just get stuck on my phone or computer or Google photos, and that’s not the way I want to go back and enjoy the memories of our life. I want to be able to hold them in my hands, glossy or matte, on thick paper, and toggle back and forth between all of my favorites!

PS – Two of the resources that have been helpful to me for this Ongoing Summer Project are:

This post from Nancy Ray about the method she’s used for her own photos

This post from Valerie Keinsely, walking through her way of using Nancy’s method for her own image collections   

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    Lovely! I think my favorite ice cream flavor is Maple!

    August 7, 2017 at 6:38 pm

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