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Cheers to Monday | August 29th

The Week in Review | August 23 – August 29, 2016

Today’s Cheers is going to be short and sweet because I’ve got to get crackin’ on a custom print for a new client, that will get shipped out later today, and then head off to Tampa to pick up my love from work so we can crash dinnertime at the Finleys ?

And with that, here are a few of the highlights of the past seven days! 

-I had the opportunity to create a custom print for a new client up in New York, which was really fun! If you’re curious, you can check out the print shop for yourself, right here! #SaltyPinePaperCo

-Our pastor’s wife reached out and asked if I’d be interested in a chest of drawers that was out behind her house in the alley for trash pick up. After taking a look and talking to Luke about it, we drove back over later that night, loaded it up in Pastor’s giant trunk ?, and drove it back to it’s new home! It looks REAL rough right now, and currently resides awkwardly in the living room, but I’m SO excited about it’s potential and can’t wait to start refinishing it soon!

-Luke and I went to see the new Star Trek on Friday night, which we both really liked, and came home afterwards to crash on the couch and munch our Five Guys date food. We also had worked really hard Friday evening to get all our weekend chores out of the way, and it was SO worth it! Saturday was as relaxing as could be, and felt noticeably NOT rushed or overly full. Wooooohooo!

PS – When I got out to the car earlier this week to get ready to take Luke to work and then drive to a meeting, I knew I’d have to stop for gas somewhere in the middle, which would delay things some and mean a detour along the way. HOWEVER, when I glanced at the gas gauge before we pulled out of the driveway, I saw that Luke had already gone out that morning while I was still sleeping, to fill up the car for me so I wouldn’t have to worry about it…he’s just the very BEST, and FAR beyond anything I ever dreamed/hoped for. Thank you, Babe, for loving me so thoughtfully!!! ❤️

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