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Cheers to Monday | August 28th

Happy Monday, friends! As September gets closer, I’m getting back into more regular blogging after a summer of fun adventures and a less consistent content schedule. I think writing these Cheers to Monday posts is important for a couple of reasons: 

  • It helps keep me in the habit of blogging regularly
  • It gives me a chance to share a few highlights from our week, which are so fun to read back through later
  • It gives me a chance to remember that new weeks are full of new memories to be made! It helps to remind me to be present in my days instead of rushing through them and only checking off to do lists. There is so much MORE than that, and I know I have a lot of room to grow in living that kind of intentional life day-to-day. (This is the main reason I started writing them in the first place) 

As I write right now, the sky is warm and gray, almost smoky colored, and rain is surrounding our home and making a peaceful symphony on all the surfaces outside. In here, my office is organized-ish, freshly swept thanks to Luke, and filled with a soft glow from a string of frosted bulb lights I got on clearance at Target. In the back of my mind are the to-do list items for the rest of the day, things like calling our insurance company, making sure I get to the gym, switching over the laundry, etc. But for right now, I’m pausing to write and reflect and share, because those things are important too! 

Here are some of my favorite things from the past week: 

– WE WENT KAYAKING TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME! Ohmygosh, it was SO much fun!!! We’ve been talking about it on and off for a few months, since we live in Kayaking Central here in FL, and this past weekend, we made the call to finally do it, loaded ourselves and our water bottles into the car, and drove over to Weedon Island. The weather ended up being perfect on Saturday, and I couldn’t have even imagined how peaceful and relaxing it would be skimming along on top of the water while a breeze floated past and the ocean made tiny bubbling sounds as it lapped the roots of the mangroves we were paddling by. I could go on and on and on about how much I loved it, but I’ll stop here and just say that that time out on the water with Luke was one of my favorite married memories we’ve made so far 💛


– Last week I shared my latest portrait session here on the blog, and it just so happens to be my best friend’s maternity shoot, which was such an honor and privilege to capture! If you haven’t seem it yet and you love waterfalls, flower crowns, baby bumps, and bright blooms, you should definitely go check it out right here! 😍 


– Tuesday night baseball! I’m bummed I didn’t realize this earlier on in the summer, but one of our local minor league teams offers Dollar Tuesday nights several times during the season, where you get a berm ticket and a whole bunch of concessions, all for a dollar each. Luke and I went this past week, on the last Dollar Tuesday of 2017, and we had a blast picnicking and watching the game from our blanket out by left field. The views were great, the weather was more than tolerable (and all the Floridians rejoiced!), and the company was the best ever 😉 


– And last but definitely not least, I ordered three new books from Amazon earlier today, which means Wednesday is going to feel like Christmas! 😀


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