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Cheers to Monday | August 22nd

The Week in Review | August 16 – August 22, 2016

I’m all caught up on emails now, and my to-do list for the day is slowly getting crossed off. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to be a little more intentional about not being glued to my phone so much, and it’s actually felt really, really nice. The world didn’t stop spinning (ha!), I didn’t miss out on any big events, and my head felt a little clearer and more calm. Win win win! I’ve also been savoring Shauna’s newest book, Present Over Perfect, and have felt so connected and related to her words that I’ve read several chapters out loud to Luke because she does a better job of explaining “me” than I can sometimes. It’s been so refreshing and comforting to pour over her words bit by bit! ❤️

PS – The feature image from today’s post is one of the newest listings over in our Etsy shop, Salty Pine Paper Co.!

And with that, here are a few of the highlights of the past seven days! 

-Luke and I had a really fun date night on Friday evening, complete with Mexican for dinner (extra delicious because it ended a three-week-long craving) and coffee/games afterwards at The Haus Coffee Shop. It was so sweet to just set aside that time to hang out together and laugh and share ❤️ (We did plenty more of that Sunday afternoon, too, when we headed out to “our beach” for a couple of hours. It was really nice.)

-I got to spend a morning having coffee and sharing life with my sweet friend, Greta, a local photographer I’ve gotten to know much more over the past few months. We’ve bonded over everything from Dave Ramsey to marriage, and I was so grateful to sit on a couch at Haus with her (yes, I went twice in one week, no judging haha) and catch up!

-I shared a brand new post on Friday full of some of my favorite foodie images ever! These treats from Dunedin Coffee and Bakery Co. were AMAZING, and I’m so excited that the images turned out much how I’d imagined them from the very beginning (something that doesn’t always happen haha)! Here are two favorites!



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