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Cheers to Monday | August 15th

The Week in Review | August 9 – August 15, 2016

This past weekend was filled with rest and refreshment (more on that below), making today feel brighter and more hopeful, which is always a really nice way to start of a Monday, right? 🙂 Luke will be up in Jacksonville all day as part of the team that’s making a “this is what we’ve been working on for weeks and weeks” presentation to a large, multi-campus client. I know he’ll do an amazing job, and I can’t wait to hear all about it when I go to Tampa to pick him up later tonight! (And also, he looked so sharp/handsome/professional this morning in his white shirt, fancy khakis, and the checkered tie he was wearing at our wedding. That’s important for you to know, dear reader). In the meantime, I’m here in St. Pete getting ready to head out for this week’s groceries, contemplating making some tuna for lunch (also important for you to know, I guess?), and planning on doing my best to cull and edit a new gallery I’d love to get sent out before Wednesday.

And with that, here are some of the highlights of the past seven days!

Quarterly Marriage Getaway #2. First of all, WHY do we do these? Funny you should ask, because I wrote a handy little post all about that! 😉 Second of all, if you’re curious about Quarterly Marriage Getaway #1, you can read all about it right over here!

It’s hard to believe that another quarter has come and gone already! When we started planning for Getaway #2, we talked about trying out a different Airbnb in a new city we hadn’t explored yet, but when Luke suggested that maybe it might be nicer to return to the familiar Peaceful Gulf Course with the Beautiful Pool from Getaway #1 (please see the above phone snap from May for reference), I was sold. We had such fond memories of that little condo (game nights, making breakfast together, reading out by the teal water) that it felt right and relaxing to head back.

Our weekend was filled with reading more books (mine was “7” by Jen Hatmaker), opting for Chinese takeout instead of dinner at a restaurant on Saturday (best.decision.ever), playing Scrabble Slam + Yahtzee, SLEEPING IN, and lounging out at the pool like it was our regular thing 😉 What I cherish even more, though, are all the conversations we shared about our life together: marriage, family, what we’re doing well, what we can work on for the next quarter, how we can grow in serving one another better, goals, dreams, etc. I’m forever grateful for a husband who creates space to connect with my heart in special ways ♥

Tuesday. Last Tuesday was the second ever St. Pete Tuesdays Together meetup, and in hopes of fostering an even deeper sense of community and friendship and personal-instead-of-formal, I hosted everyone here at our home! I kept the couches against the walls, set up the borrowed-from-friends chairs, put out name tags and water cups and fresh blooms, and welcomed nine other women into the living room to share about their experiences and struggles. It was a little scary and nerve wracking (extroverted introvert here), but oh so worth it, and I’m so grateful for this season!

NOTHING. You ladies will understand this, so I feel like it’s important to share here in the name of community support…I went shopping last Thursday to try and find a few key things to replace their old, falling apart counterparts in my wardrobe. I went to five different stores, scanned the price tags for the best deals, tried on countless items, and walked away with….NOTHING. I kept thinking, I literally have money set aside for all this, that I WANT to spend, and of course, now is the time that I can’t find anything! I wasn’t bitter at all 😉

I also discovered that all the stores have major discounts going on right now in their swimsuit departments, because apparently people in FLORIDA don’t buy new suits out of “season”, so the stores have to clear out all their inventory. One, I’m a little panicked about the idea of trying to buy a suit in, say, October, when the water is perfect for swimming but it’s considered Southern Winter already, so all I’ll be able to find are long johns. Two, I was so excited to see a sign at Macy’s for 50% off all the swimwear (woooohoooo!), until I looked at one suit’s tag and discovered that it was ON SALE for SEVENTY FOUR DOLLARS because it’s original price was $148. For the love.

Salty Pine Paper Co. To end on a happy/exciting note, I’ll just share here, too, that last week I added two new items to the shop: a round metal sign with a current favorite verse lettered on it, and a pallet-wood sign with lines from a favorite hymn painted on ❤️ If you know of anyone who might need that kind of encouragement for their own home, I’d be completed honored if you’d share with them!!!

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  • Mom


    Love, love, love hearing about your week!! And I Love, love, love you too!!❤️

    August 15, 2016 at 10:01 pm

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