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Cheers to Monday | April 4th

The Week in Review | March 29 – April 4, 2016

Happy first Monday in April, guys! Luke and I have been seeing all kinds of social media posts about how all our Northern family and friends are getting the wintery variety of April showers this week, and it makes us sad for them! Where is spring and all it’s flower-y goodness?! This is just a friendly PSA from those of us with green grass and a blooming hibiscus plant by the front door: we have a guest room and you’re always welcome!

And with that, here are some highlights from the past seven days:

-We drove a bit past Tampa to see Meme and Bomp one last time before they head back to Vermont this week! We realized that we’ve been able to see them at every single stop they’ve made here in Florida, and we’re SO grateful for that extra time with together! 

-We switched the house around, or at least the bedrooms. We’re on the search for a new bed frame (ours hasn’t fared as well as we’d hoped post-move with having to be taken apart and put back together), so we moved our old one out into the guest room (it’s still safe and comfy, promise!) to make way for the one we’ll hopefully be finding in the next couple weeks. Yay!

-On that getting-a-new-frame note, we power shopped through at least three different furniture stores on Saturday in search of The Bed, and we were SO tired after ? We did get to explore through a really cool local consignment furniture place, though, that seems like it goes on for miles, and has lots of fun and unique pieces inside!

-We finally had a really great thunderstorm!!!

-Business wise, I: started working on a free resource for newly engaged brides that’ll be available soon + Luke helped me flesh out a much more personal description of my ideal client, which was super inspiring ♥

-AND…..I started using Snapchat! ?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not normally the kind to start using or trying out new aps (Luke teases me ALL THE TIME about this), but when he talked to me last week about how great of a tool it can be, and when I tried it out and realized how much more connected it made me feel to people I had started following (especially other photographers), I realized it might be a fun, simple way to let people into a little bit more of our day-to-life + share fun things about the business, too!!! SO…..I’d love to be snap friends with you! My username is: therickertwo … if you think you’d love to see lip syncing to songs in the car, lots of pictures of delicious meals, random snaps of Luke and our friends, and crazy videos from road trips and business adventures, then you’re going to want to add me for sure! 😉


PS | This Wednesday, we have another portrait session from our Giving Back Fundraiser, and this one is EXTRA special, so be sure to follow along on our FB page + Instagram for sneak peeks!!!

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