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Cheers to Monday | April 17th

The Week in Review | April 11 – 17, 2017

I’ve been up since 6:30a, when I rolled over to turn off my alarm and drag my tush out of bed so that Luke and I could go exercise together before we started our work days. I know, I know, 6:30am isn’t very early, but if you’re like me, you might hate “early” mornings and find that your best sleep happens from about 5-7:30am. Either way, I’m showered, I’m dressed, I’ve had breakfast, and I’m in the office getting a head start on today’s Cheers, so I think it’s been a pretty good morning so far! 🙂  

And with that, here are just a few of the highlights from the past week! 

– We found a new-to-us record player that works! If you read this earlier Cheers, then you already know that a few weeks ago, Luke and I found an old Panasonic record player at the thrift store, that spins great but has some trouble with getting the sound out. After a few days of tinkering, soldering, and other manly things, Luke still couldn’t get it to play right, so we decided that we’d stop putting time into it for now and just look for one that was already ready to go (that old one is sitting in a drawer in my office so maybe one day we can revive it still!). I ended up posting about my search in our church’s online yard sale group, someone responded, and a week ago Wednesday, we became the owners of a working record player. Yay! Earlier that day, I was at one of our local record stores searching for just the right new album to add to my $1 thrift store collection, and to be the inaugural first play once we got everything set up at home, and I just felt like you couldn’t go wrong with Adele. She played wonderfully, and has been in a steady mix alongside Taylor Swift (don’t judge me!) and the original Sound of Music soundtrack ever since!  

– Last week (you can read that Cheer’s here), I shared that a few new books had just arrived in the mail, and since then, I’ve started all three and finished Love Lives Here by Maria Goff. There were so many little nuggets of truth scattered throughout it’s chapters, and I wanted to share just a few of my favorites with you…

“Do what makes you the most loving, hopeful version of yourself…We all have something we’re good at. Figure out what that is and celebrate it…Find your worth and you’ll find your release from comparison. ” (Chapter Four)

“We can’t be well known by everybody, but we can be ore fully known by our neighbors. Practice keeping it real where you live and you’ll make Jesus real in people’s lives. ” (Chapter Ten)

“The very nature of hospitality finds its footing in love…The world sets high standards, but in God’s economy perfect hospitality is synonymous with tremendous love. ” (Chapter Fifteen)

– These beautiful blooms showed up on our doorstep on Friday, sent to brighten our little home and celebrate the incredible gift of Resurrection Sunday! Aren’t they gorgeous?! Thank you so much, Mom! ❤️


– There a two exciting things happing this week that I’m announcing here first because it’s just more fun that way 😉 🙂 

#1 – The Richter’s destination family session here in St. Pete will be up on the blog TOMORROW afternoon!!!! 

#2 – I’ll be launching several new prints in the Salty Pine Paper Co. shop on Thursday, including the one below!  😀 😀 😀 I spent a good chunk of last week creating a few new pieces and then photographing them for their Etsy listings, and everything will be ready to share so soon!


– OK, this last point is more of a question than a story, and I’d really love to hear any ideas you guys might have. I’ve been wanting to have physical copies of my favorite photos of our life to go back through whenever I want (and actually hold in my hands) and pass on in future years, but I’m not sure of the best way to do this. Should I have prints made of my favorite photos from each month and them store them by year? Should I save all my photos into computer folders and then create a photo album for each year (The Rickers 2017, The Rickers 2018, etc)? HELP!

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