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Cheers to Monday | April 10th

The Week in Review | April 4 – 10, 2017

Hello, friend! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you go out and about and do anything fun? Or did you maybe just stay in for a snuggle party on the couch? Took a bath? Watched your favorite show in your jammies? I’d love to hear what you were up to…let me know below in the comments what your favorite part was!

Whatever you were up to, I hope that you were able to find some really wonderful rest and that you got to fill up a lot of your weekend minutes with your favorite people and places ?  (I got to experience both, and it’s making me feel so much more relaxed and prepared for the week ahead! Plus, we may or may not have baked chocolate chip cookies two nights in a row, and that’s proven to always make things better ? )

And with that, here are just a few of the highlights from the past week!

– I got to spend a whole evening with dear clients-turned-friends, and it was just the best. If you’ve been a part of this little blog family since last year, you might remember the Richters, who flew down to FL last April to finalize the adoption of their precious little boy, Sam. Those were emotion-filled images from a day that I’ll never forget, and if you haven’t seen them yet, stop now and go read more about Britta and Stephen’s incredible story here. Fast forward to last Wednesday…when I got to see the three of them for their sunset-down-by-the-water family session AND dinner all together at a favorite local Mexican spot! Experiences like that remind me again of what a unique privilege and honor it is to be invited into people’s lives to capture their story! Here is one of my favorite images from our 2016 session together, and a favorite from last week’s…isn’t it amazing the difference one year can make? ?

– I had the opportunity to create two custom prints in the Salty Pine Paper Co. shop, both in my favorite gold ink ?  One was of the client’s favorite quote from the movie Love Actually, which will hang in her office:

“Nobody thought we’d do this. Nobody really thinks it will work do they? No. You just described every great success story“.

(I really love the truth and inspiration behind that!)

The other is one she’ll be framing and shipping to her friend in Australia, to commemorate that she’s had each of her three boys on the 23rd of a month…isn’t that such a fun family fact? 

– Luke and I had a really fun weekend together….I got to sleep in ?  (because he was such a sweetheart and got all the grocery shopping done while I was still in bed ? ). We tried a BBQ place we’d never been to before and couldn’t stop talking about delicious everything was (if you’re local, run, don’t walk, to Urban Brew and BBQ…how had we never been there before?!). We hammocked at Crescent Lake for the first time after we realized how crowded our “usual” spot by the beach was, and I think that might be our new favorite place…so peaceful and really pretty! Sunday after church, we drove out to Fort DeSoto to celebrate the church’s 24th anniversary at a giant church-wide picnic, and had so much fun catching up with friends over tasty eats! And mixed in between all that, there was cookie baking, a bubble bath, couch snuggling, and book reading ??

– I’m still finishing up (and really enjoying) my latest read, The Revenge of Analog, but that didn’t stop me from picking out three new books ? …and they got here on Saturday!!! ?

  • Love Lives Here by Maria Goff – I LOVED her husband’s book, Love Does, and was so excited when I learned that his “Sweet Maria” had also shared her heart on the page! I’m SO excited to start this! This-Good-Life-Photography-Cheers-to-Monday-April-10
  • Make it Happen by Lara Casey – I’ve heard so many encouraging things about the way Lara shares her own story of finding purpose and living intentionally. I actually started this yesterday, and already, I’m feeling like this is a much-needed road map for this season for me. This-Good-Life-Photography-Cheers-to-Monday-April-10
  • The Magic of Motherhood by Ashlee Gad – (Don’t worry, this isn’t any secret way of sharing THAT kind of announcement lol.) I have loved reading the Coffee & Crumbs blog for years now, and when I heard that they were compiling favorite essays into a hardcover book?? I added it to my list right away, and am so looking forward to the encouragement and community in it’s pages! This-Good-Life-Photography-Cheers-to-Monday-April-10 

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