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Blue Spruce Boutique | Wooster Ohio Branding Session

Several weeks ago, Luke’s sister Kara announced that she and her hubby had just purchased their first home and would be needing some help in the upcoming days to get everything ready for the move! I remember reading it out loud to Luke and half-jokingly, half-wishfully saying something about how fun it would be if I was able to fly out and help them in whatever ways I could. Luke didn’t bat an eyelash when he said that we should check on the cost of flights…and that is how I found myself out in Rittman Ohio last month for a whole week!

One day during that week, Kara mentioned taking a trip into Wooster to visit a home decor/antique shop, and as we drove down the street, we spotted the sparkly lights of Blue Spruce Boutique‘s storefront and made a mental note to stop in before we left town. I don’t know how to describe it any better than to say that the moment we stepped inside, I fell in love with the shop! There is something so calm and peaceful and personal about it, as though it’s just inviting you in to cozy up and take a look around. And don’t even get me started on the incredible displays that showcase all of the Boutique’s treasures!

As soon as Kara and I started the drive home that day, my brain went into overdrive about just how much I really enjoyed the shop and how I would love to be involved and serving them somehow! Shortly after, I drafted an email to the mother-daughter owner duo, sharing my experience and my desire to come back to capture the heart behind Blue Spruce Boutique through a small business branding session. They didn’t know me from Adam and I wasn’t sure that would be anything they might be interested in, but I prayed about it, sent off the email, and waited to hear back. Within 24 hours, Kinsey had responded that they were indeed interested, and asked if the very next day might work, since I was leaving town after the weekend. Ummm, YES!!!

If Anthropology and Magnolia Market had a baby, I’m pretty sure it would be Blue Spruce Boutique! The images below are some of my absolute favorites from this session, and I hope y’all enjoy them as much as I do! I also tried to set up this gallery as true to real life as possible, so you feel like you’re actually exploring the store right along with me! There are a few “overview” images near the beginning to get you acclimated, and then we’ll jump into all the gorgeous details and textures!!!

Kinsey and Michelle, thank you so very much for allowing me to visit your shop, camera in hand, and for giving me the opportunity to experience your hospitality, generosity, and incredible talent! It was an honor to be a tiny part of your story, and I can’t wait to come back and visit next time I’m in Ohio!

If you’re interested in a commercial shoot to capture the heart behind YOUR business, I’d love to talk with you! You can email me directly!

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