| A Monadnock Berries Farm Wedding, Part Three
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A Monadnock Berries Farm Wedding, Part Three | New Hampshire Wedding Photographer

October 11, 2015 | Monadnock Berries, New Hampshire | David & Anna

Part Three is here, and it might be one of my favorites because I think it highlights all the fun and celebration surrounding David and Anna’s wedding! But first…let’s start with just a couple more detail shots, shall we? Because details give me all the feels. And because David did such a great job picking out a phenomenal ring for his bride!

Now that you’re in detail mode already (See? Totally planned that!), let’s take a look around David and Anna’s reception, because the details there were beautiful!!!

While I was working on getting other shots, David and Anna were in the reception barn getting ready to be announced for the FIRST TIME as HUSBAND and WIFE! AHHHHH!

I LOVE standing to the side during receptions and listening to people toast to the bride and groom. There’s something so special to me about those moments when the couple is standing there hand in hand, soaking up the realization that they are officially spouses, as the people they love and respect the most speak life and blessings and happiness over them. It’s always such a lovely thing to see in person, and that was especially true as David and Anna’s dads toasted to them!

Like I mentioned before, David and Anna opted for reception pies instead of the traditional cake, and they were a huge hit! You’ll notice the slices of Cabbot cheddar cheese here, too…..New England tradition pairs the cheese with apple pie for the perfect bite!!!

After toasting and pie, the setting light was even more beautiful, so I meandered some around the farm, soaking it all up and squeezing in as many extra pictures as I could!

I wound back around to the reception tent to capture a few images of David and Anna playing the Shoe Game! In case you’ve never played, it’s a game where someone–Hi Brendan!–reads sentences aloud and the couple, facing away from each other and each holding one of their own shoes and one of their spouse’s shoes, raises the shoe of the one they believe the sentence is referring to. For example: “Will David or Anna be the one to get up first and make coffee most mornings?” or “Who said ‘I love you’ first?” 😉 

Sometimes the emotions of realizing what’s happened over the past few hours come rushing in right when you’re trying to say, “Thank you so much and we’re so glad you were here!” to all of your guests. And sometimes your thoughtful, well-prepared groom comes through again with his wonder hankie. What a save, and what a special moment. <3 

David and Anna were so sweet and agreed to sneak off with me TWICE during the reception to get a few sunset, golden light portraits, but………I’m going to save those for Part Four because they are some of my favorite portraits ever (ever!!!) and, thus, deserve their very own post in the spotlight 😉 To wrap up this post, I’ll leave you with their very patriotic send off! I thought this was such a creative way to do their exit, and I LOVED all the bright colors and happy faces 🙂

If you missed Part One, you can read it here!  If you missed Part Two, it’s all right here for you! Make sure to stay tuned on Thursday for the finale….Part Four!!!


Venue | Monadnock Berries

Dress Store | David’s Bridal

Florist | Embellish Floral Studios

Catering | Little Zoe’s

Pies | Chef Eileen

Invitations | Raven Gill

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